EFM 15W Wireless Charge Pad With USB to Type-C Charge Cable

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Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled wires and missing charger cables and hello to fast and efficient charging with the EFM 15W WIRELESS CHARGE PAD. The EFM 15W WIRELESS CHARGE PAD allows you to charge your Qi-compatible devices efficiently and quickly. Featuring an active cooling system with vents and a quiet fan to reduce charging temperatures for a more efficient and charging speeds up to 30% faster than most wireless chargers on the market. This charger also has a convenient LED indicator light that lets you quickly know the charge status of your devices. With its sleek, polished design the stylish EFM 15W WIRELESS CHARGE PAD is smaller and more compact than most chargers and will fit any interior décor while offering a safe and speedy wireless charging solution whenever you need it.


  • Qi Certified & Approved
  • Charge Pad

Device Compatibility

  • Compatible withApple – iPhone 8
  • Compatible withApple – iPhone 8 Plus
  • Compatible withApple – iPhone X
  • Compatible withApple – iPhone XR
  • Compatible withApple – iPhone Xs
  • Compatible withApple – iPhone Xs Max
  • Compatible withSamsung – Galaxy Note 8
  • Compatible withSamsung – Galaxy Note 9
  • Compatible withSamsung – Galaxy S10 (6.1)
  • Compatible withSamsung – Galaxy S10+ (6.4)
  • Compatible withSamsung – Galaxy S10e (5.8)
  • Compatible withSamsung – Galaxy S8
  • Compatible withSamsung – Galaxy S8 Plus