Samsung S7 Battery Replacement

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Samsung S7 Battery replacement services and cost in Melbourne CBD Australia.

We will have your device fixed as soon as possible, normally battery replacement on Samsung Galaxy S7 takes around one hour. Our qualified and friendly staff is ready to help you out in any sort of damage.

At Cityphones we give at most importance to our customer’s phone as we know their value. All repair comes with a warranty from us.

Please Note: After repair the waterproof devices may not remain waterproof anymore.

Our friendly and welcoming staff is capable to have it ready while you have lunch or cup of coffee. New devices are pretty high tech these days and they also have very fragile parts inside. So if these devices are handled by unprofessional they can cause more damage it.

Cityphones can fix the following damages to Samsung S7,

-Broken Screens

-Broken LCD

-Faulty charging port

-Faulty Headphone Jack

-Faulty back/front cameras

-Motherboard issues

-Broken parts

Please feel free to contact us on 0426504955

Comes with 3 Months Warranty.