Google Pixel 3 Repairs

Google Pixel 3 Repairs and screen repair in Melbourne CBD Australia. The most waited for the phone for the year for Android fans. Google Pixel 3 is here, comes with wireless charging, NFC, Type C charging cable, rapid charge and much more. As its very durable and highly technical phone, but still, there is a chance you can damage it easily. If you have accidently broken the Screen on Google Pixel 3 and looking for a reliable repairer to fix it within a day. Look no further than Cityphones.

With the Google Pixel 3, the company came up with the different style of phone model. The Teardown of Google Pixel 3 explains the different approach to make a phone with wireless charging compatibility.

At Cityphones, we have fixed the following issues with Google Pixel 3,

-Broken Screen,

-Broken LED or LCD

-Broken Charging port

-Faulty Motherboard

-Faulty cameras

And much more, visit our store to find out more.


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    Google Pixel 3 Screen Repair

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    Google Pixel 3 Screen Repair

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