Samsung J5 Pro Repair

Samsung J5 Pro repairs and screen repairs at the best price with top quality parts. Samsung J5 Pro or J530 is another flagship of Samsung in J series line. High-quality display with the fingerprint sensor and high-quality specifications, Samsung J5 Pro is the best smartphone you find under the budget. Some of our customers walk in with a broken screen and find it hard to get it repaired as the parts not available easily in the market.

But at Cityphones we always have enough stock to meet our customer needs. We are able to repair broken screen, faulty charging port, battery replacement, faulty buttons and much more. Following are the recent examples of work done on Samsung J5 pro or j530 by Cityphones,

-Broken Screen Repair

-Broken LCD

-Faulty charging port

–Faulty headphone jack

-Faulty cameras

and much more, visit our store today.