Google Pixel Repair

Google Pixel Repair

Google Pixel Repair

Google Pixel Screen Repair ( LCD and touch are Still working )$129
Google Pixel LCD Repair (Broken LCD, No display, lines, dead pixels, etc )$149
Google Pixel Back Glass Replacement$49
Google Pixel Battery Replacement$120
Google Pixel Charging Port Repair$120
Google Pixel Microphone Repair$120
Google Pixel Ear Speaker Repair$99
Google Pixel Finger Print Scanner Repair$99
Google Pixel Ringer/loudspeaker Repair$99
Google Pixel Headphone Port Repair $99
Google Pixel Back Camera Repair$99
Google Pixel Front Camera Repair$99
Google Pixel Camera Lens repair$49
google pixel screen repair in melbourne

Google Pixel Repair

Google pixel repair cost and repair service in Melbourne CBD and Australia. Whether you looking to repair charge port or broken screen, Cityphones have all the quality parts available to fix your screen on the spot or within a day.

If you have broken your Google pixel phone and looking for experts to repair your phone, look no further than Cityphones. Our prices for repair are very competitive but we do not compromise with the quality of the repair. We source the highest quality parts available in the market to get the best repair.

We repair most of the damages to Google pixel phones, here are some examples of recently fixed issues,

-Broken Screen

-Broken LCD or LED

-Broken back glass

-Faulty charging port

-Faulty headphone jack

-Faulty ear speaker

-Faulty loudspeaker

-Faulty cameras

-Motherboard issues