Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus repair

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Repair : Samsung S21 Plus Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Repair

Samsung S21 Plus Screen Repair $425
Samsung S21 Plus Battery replacementCall
Samsung S21 Plus Charging port replacementCall
Samsung S21 Plus Microphone RepairCall
Samsung S21 Plus Ear Speaker RepairCall
Samsung S21 Plus Ringer RepairCall
Samsung S21 Plus Back Camera RepairCall
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Samsung S21 Plus Back Glass replacement ( Cracked Back glass )Call

Samsung S21 Screen Repair in Melbourne

Samsung 21 plus screen repair service is available at Cityphones Melbourne. Apart from screen repair, we are able to do Samsung s20 plus back glass repair or Samsung s21 Plus camera lens repair.

Most of these phones have Li-ion batteries which have a life of 1-2 years. But is someone is the heavy user may be battery needs to replace after 1 year. As a new phone only with a 1-year warranty so the battery is not covered under warranty. At cityphones, we can do Samsung S21 plus battery replacement whenever you need it.

Another common issue in a phone is charging port failure. The main reason is using bad charging cable or water damage. We can do Samsung S21 plus charging port repair. Typically for this repair, we need 1 hour.

Our technicians have a lot of experience and can perform Samsung s21 plus repair very easily. If our looking for Samsung S21 plus screen repair in Melbourne call us today to Book for repair. We also accept mail-In repairs so If you are living far away and cannot come to store use this service for Samsung s21 Plus repair.

We also sell Samsung s21 plus cases and tempered glass. Cases are very good at protecting and saving phones from damages. We have a huge range of Samsung s21 plus tempered glass and cases which you can buy online or in-store.

Samsung s21 plus has 6.7-inch Dynamic Amoled screen with 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution. It is running on Android 11 and has 3 cameras on the back. It has Gorilla glass at the front which is tough but still can crack due to drop.

At cityphones, we can fix your broken Samsung S20 plus screen in 40-60 Minutes. Please Note after repair phone will not be waterproof anymore.

So if your Samsung 21 plus screen have dead pixels, No touch, Green lines or black spots then call us or Book your repair online.