IPHONE 6s Repairs

IPHONE 6s Repair in Melbourne

IPHONE 6s Repair

IPHONE 6s Screen Repair ( LCD and touch are Still working ) 79
IPHONE 6s LCD Repair (Broken LCD, No display, lines, dead pixels, etc ) 89
IPHONE 6s Battery Replacement$49
IPHONE 6s Charging Port Repair$49
IPHONE 6s Microphone Repair$49
IPHONE 6s Ear Speaker Repair $50
IPHONE 6s Home Button Repair$40
IPHONE 6s Ringer/loudspeaker Repair$50
IPHONE 6s Headphone Port Repair$49
IPHONE 6 Back Camera Repair$49
IPHONE 6s Front Camera Repair$49
IPHONE 6s Camera Lens repair$35
IPHONE 6s Back Frame Replacement$99

IPHONE 6s Repair in Melbourne

IPHONE 6s repair in Melbourne CBD and Australia-wide via post. Just mail in your broken device to our IPHONE repair center in Melbourne CBD and we will ship it back after repair.

IPHONE 6s Screen Repair in Melbourne CBD by Cityphones. We have quality parts and competitive prices in the market.  IPHONE 6s is a very durable and fast phone within budget. It has all the high specifications you can expect from a high-end smartphone.  We also understand the value of the device in our lives these days.

We will have your device fixed as soon as possible, normally screen repair on Apple IPHONE 6s devices takes around one hour. Our qualified and friendly staff is ready to help you out with any sort of damage.

At Cityphones we give most importance to our customer’s phones as we know their value. All repair comes with a warranty from us.

Cityphones can fix the following damages to IPHONE 6s,

-Broken Screens

-Broken LCD

-Faulty charging port

-Faulty Headphone Jack

-Faulty back/front cameras

-Water damage

-Battery not charging

-Motherboard issues

Please feel free to get in touch with the expert on 0426504955