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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Repair

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Repair

Samsung Z Fold4 Repair price

Screen Protector Replacement$49 Main screen, $29 Outer screen
Samsung Z Fold4 Screen Repair ( Main/Internal Screen)$865
Samsung Z Fold4 Screen Repair ( Sub/Outer Screen) $349
Samsung Z Fold4 Battery replacementCall
Samsung Z Fold4 Charging port replacementCall
Samsung Z Fold4 Microphone RepairCall
Samsung Z Fold4 Ear Speaker RepairCall
Samsung Z Fold4 Ringer RepairCall
Samsung Z Fold4 Back Camera RepairCall
Samsung Z Fold4 Front Camera RepairCall
Samsung Z Fold4 Camera lens RepairCall
Samsung Z Fold4 Back Glass replacement ( Cracked Back glass )Call
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Repair

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Repair

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Repair cost – City Phones Melbourne

City Phones is Samsung Authorized service center. Look no further than City Phones if you need to get your device fixed by the Samsung certified technicians and genuine parts. We are located in the Melbourne CBD and provide the diagnosis and repair services for all the faults in your device.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Screen Repair cost 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the new ultra-premium foldable phone announced by Samsung. The new technology Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a tough foldable phone that brings PC-like power to your pocket. Though this phone is a very impressive one with high-end features in it yet an accident like a sudden fall from your hands could break its screen. This needs experienced technicians to carry Samsung Z fold4 screen repair. City Phones is a team of Samsung certified and highly experienced technicians capable of providing Samsung cracked screen repair with original replacement parts from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Battery Replacement in Greensborough

We can repair almost every fault with your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.  As one of the most used Samsung mobile phone repair stores in Melbourne and Greensborough, we are able to provide Galaxy Z Fold4 battery replacement service in 30 minutes to an hour. We use the latest tools and equipment provided by Samsung to fix the problem. The battery repair is performed by using an authentic battery as part of the replacement process. You may walk into any of our stores with or without appointment.

Samsung Z Fold4 Charging Port Replacement price Melbourne

City Phones can replace your Galaxy Z Fold4 charger port today in Melbourne. Our technicians perform repairs for almost all faults related to the battery within your Samsung Z Fold4, which can be economically viable for our customers. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 battery replacements are conducted in our City Phones Greensborough and Melbourne locations.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Camera Repair Greensborough

Everyone looks for the best Samsung phone repair in Greensborough to get their Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 front and back camera fixed. City Phones is based in Melbourne and can replace the faulty Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 front and back camera lens with an authentic Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 front and back camera lens. We also offer mail-in service for most locations Australia Wide. You can send your device to us through mail and we will send your fixed device back to you.

We can fix most of the faults with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, the common type of issues we repair for this device are the following: –

  • Screen Replacement
  • LCD Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Charging Port Replacement
  • Front Camera Replacement
  • Back Camera Replacement
  • Earpiece Speaker Replacement
  • Headphone Jack Replacement
  • Loud Speaker Replacement
  • Power Button Replacement
  • Volume button Replacement
  • Vibrator Replacement
  • Motherboard Element Repairs
  • Water Damage Repair Assessment
  • Fault Diagnosis & Quote Service
  • Insurance Damage Report& Quote Service


City Phones also sells premium quality Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 cases and screen protectors at a competitive price than the market. Cases protect your costly phone from any damage caused due to a sudden fall or a quick slip from your hands. Huge variety of Samsung Z Fold4 cases are available online or in-store.

Screen protectors protect the screen of your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 phone against unwanted scratches and cracks when the phone slips from your hands. We have a wide collection of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 screen protectors available online or in-store.