Samsung Note 8 Repair

Samsung Note 8 Repair

Samsung Note 8 Repair

Samsung Note 8 Screen Repair ( If phone LCD and Touch are still working)$299
Samsung Note 8 LCD Replacement (Broken LCD, No display, lines, dead pixels, etc )$399
Samsung Note 8 Battery replacement$120
Samsung Note 8 Charging port replacement$120
Samsung Note 8 Microphone Repair$120
Samsung Note 8 Ear Speaker Repair$99
Samsung Note 8 Ringer Repair$99
Samsung Note 8 Headphone Socket Repair$120
Samsung Note 8 Back Camera Repair$149
Samsung Note 8 Front Camera Repair$99
Samsung Note 8 Camera lens Repair$75
Samsung Note 8 Back Glass Replacement ( Cracked Backglass )$75
note 8 screen repair

Samsung Note 8 Repair

Samsung galaxy Note 8 Repair in Melbourne CBD and Australia wide. Galaxy note 8 is flagship phone launched by Samsung in 2017. After the failure of note 7, the Note 8 came in to restore the customers trust in Note family.

If you have broken your Samsung Note 8 Screen and looking for a reliable repairer to fix it within a day than your search is over.

Cityphones has the high quality and genuine Samsung parts to fix it and make it look like new again.

Our repair prices are very competitive in the market but that does not decrease the quality of parts and workmanship.

Please Note: After repair the water proof devices may not remain water proof any more.

We have fixed the following recent damages to Samsung Galaxy Note 8,

-Broken Screen or Glass

-Broken LCD or LED

-Broken back glass

-Faulty charge port

-Faulty headphone jack

-Faulty cameras

-Faulty ear and loud speaker

-Motherboard issues

For more information please contact us 0426504955.