Oppo A73 Screen Repair in Melbourne

Oppo A73 smartphone takes the most natural-looking and magnificent selfies with the 16MP front camera as this smartphone’s front camera uses A.I. technology to beautify images. Its facial feature recognition technology presents above 200 positioning spots to highlight your face and come out with the most natural-looking selfie. This smartphone features a 13MP rear camera with various photo clicking modes such as Expert Mode and Ultra HD Mode using which anyone can click photos just like a professional photographer. The Oppo A73 smartphone screen is a big-screen smartphone with a 6.0″ FHD+ screen with 2160*1080 pixels screen resolution presents you with an exotic viewing experience as you watch videos, play games, or browse photo albums on this smartphone. The display screen of this smartphone is of AMOLED type made up of toughened glass with the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The front screen glass is tough to get broken but the sudden impact of the hand drop and hitting a hard surface breaks the screen glass which needs to be replaced immediately so that it doesn’t do any harm to your fingers. City Phones is a team of experienced technicians capable of replacing the cracked glass screen in just 30 minutes to an hour using a genuine Oppo A73 screen. So choose us to replace the cracked screen of your Oppo A73 smartphone and stay safe.

Oppo A73 LCD Repair Greensborough

After the accidental fall is the LCD of your smartphone not working? If you are facing this situation, then you need to replace the LCD of your smartphone as soon as possible as a cracked LCD may also damage other internal components of your smartphone. To replace the LCD perfectly you need a skilled technician who has the expertise to replace the Oppo A73 smartphone LCD with a new and original Oppo A73 LCD thus enabling you to watch movies and videos with browsing pictures on the LCD touchscreen giving you a splendid viewing experience. If you are searching for a specialist technician look no further as City Phones is here to help you with its highly skilled technicians who are capable of replacing the non-working LCD of your smartphone in the minimum possible time.

Oppo A73 Battery Repair Melbourne

City Phones is a group of highly qualified technicians replacing the faulty batteries of Oppo A73 smartphones for many years. Choose us to get the perfect Oppo A73 battery replacement service using a genuine Oppo A73 battery to ensure the faulty battery replacement service is highly durable and long-lasting so that you need not have to change the battery again in your Oppo A73 smartphone.

Oppo A73 Charging Port Repair in Greensborough

If your smartphone is not charging you need to check whether the charging adapter or the charging cable of your Oppo A73 smartphone is working fine or not. In most cases, it has been seen that the charging port is faulty, and it needs replacement. If your smartphone is low in battery power and it needs to be charged immediately to keep it working, you need to find a reliable technician who could provide you the quickest Oppo charging port replacement service using high-quality Oppo A73 charging port replacement parts. City Phones is working in the mobile repair industry for more than six years and you need not have to go further as we provide a charging port replacement service to your smartphone in just 30 minutes to an hour using genuine Oppo replacement parts which ensures that the Oppo A73 charging port replacement service is highly durable and long-lasting.

Oppo A73 Front and Back Camera Repair in Melbourne

Are the photos clicked by your Oppo A73 smartphone, not up to the mark and are low in quality? Then you need to replace the lenses of your smartphone with a new one. City Phones houses qualified technicians who are experts in Oppo A73 camera lens replacement and can perfectly replace the faulty Oppo A73 front and back camera lenses with the original Oppo A73 camera lens in just 30 minutes to an hour.

Always choose the best possible smartphone repair option before you as the best technicians are capable of providing the quickest smartphone repair service at a reasonable price using the best replacement parts available in the market. City Phones is one such group of technicians situated in Melbourne and Greensborough serving its customers with full dedication and benefiting them with high-quality mobile repair service.