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IPAD Pro 10.5 Repair

IPAD Pro 10.5 repair

IPAD Pro 10.5 Repair

IPAD Pro 10.5 Screen Repair ( Working LCD )$299
IPAD Pro 10.5 LCD Repair (Broken LCD, No display, lines, dead pixels, etc )$399
IPAD Pro 10.5 Battery Replacement$199
IPAD Pro 10.5 Charging Port Repair$199
IPAD Pro 10.5 Microphone Repair$199
IPAD Pro 10.5 Home Button Repair$199
IPAD Pro 10.5 Ringer/loudspeaker Repair$199
IPAD Pro 10.5 Headphone Port Repair $199
IPAD Pro 10.5 Back Camera Repair$199
IPAD Pro 10.5 Front Camera Repair$199
IPAD Pro 10.5 Camera Lens Repair$75
ipad pro 10.5 screen repair

IPAD Pro 10.5 Repair

IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch Repair in Melbourne and Greensborough

It’s big, it’s beautiful. It’s the IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch. The bigger screen of this IPAD makes it look good but don’t think that its size makes it any more durable than smaller screen IPADs. A single drop from hands might cause several cracks on the screen of the IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch which makes it difficult to view the screen and thus makes it impossible to use it properly. Our technicians combine the expertise and have knowledge with high-quality replacement parts and provide a standard repair warranty with the IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch repair. It is very important to repair the broken screen glass right away, as additional use or a sudden bump can push glass into the LCD underneath, damaging it and requiring a more costly repair. We offer same-day repair service taking just 30 minutes to an hour to replace your IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch broken screen glass. We fix your IPAD Pro 10.5 Inches on the spot at City Phones and it is a promise that if your repair is a little bit more complicated and will take longer than an hour we will always make you aware of the exact timing it will take.

IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch Screen Repair in Melbourne and Greensborough

The best and most constructive solution for a broken screen of IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch is the screen replacement of IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch Apple tablet. Therefore, City Phones offers a productive solution for IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch repairs. Replacement of all the screens of IPAD repairs is completed by our experts. Moreover, in case the battery replacement is required to happen it is replaced by reliable batteries installed for long power backup. We also repair the motherboard of the IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch tablet to repair water damaged IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch tablets. In addition. speaker repair and camera repair are also conducted. So, if you are looking for IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch repair in Melbourne and Greensborough just contact City Phones for best results. Grab the exception of IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch repairs in Melbourne by opting for City Phones Screen Repair service.

At Cityphones we can fix your IPAD Pro 10.5. Most of repair are completed in same day. Call us today for more details.

City Phones can fix the following issues with your IPAD Pro 10.5 Inch tablet.

  •      Broken Screens
  •      Faulty Battery
  •      Faulty Charging Port
  •      Faulty Microphone
  •      Faulty Headphone Port
  •      Faulty Back/Front Cameras
  •      Faulty Home Button
  •      Faulty Loudspeaker

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