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Recent Apple watch repair

Apple watch series 5 screen repair

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Apple watch Series 3 glass repair

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Apple Watch Repair in Melbourne Australia. Many people ask for Apple Watch repair as the regular watch repair shops are unable to service them.

Realizing there is a huge demand in the market for Apple watch repair. Cityphones now offers Apple watch repair in Melbourne CBD. Our technicians have a number of years experience to repair smart devices.

We are able to repair from the series one Apple watch to the current ones. As a leading smart device repairer, our repair comes with a standard warranty and maintain the highest quality possible. Most of our customers have rated us as best iPhone and Apple idevice repairer in the market.

As it gets more compacted it gets more complicated. You have to use more time under the microscope to repair this device than compare it to any other smart device. Our workshop is equipped with all the high tech tools available in the market such as the microscope, soldering iron, hot plate, etc.

By visiting Cityphones for your Apple Watch or iPhone repair means no need to worry about losing your device. When you visit a store it means a lot to us and we put each and every effort to make it better and long-lasting repair.

Cityphones is capable of fixing most of the damages caused to the Apple watch such as,

Broken Screens

Broken LCD

Faulty battery