iPhone 12 cases

Getting iPhone 12? Reasons to still put a case on your iPhone 12. Apple’s sparkling iPhone 12 is out in the market and people all over the world are rushing to get their hands on one as soon as they can. The new iPhone 12 like the wide range of other iPhones is making a […]

iPad screen repair

iPad Screen Repair in Melbourne iPad is one of the most used tablets. It is not just limited to watching videos and playing games. But it is also widely used for the study.  Most of the schools are using iPads for teaching now. Kids are using iPad from their childhood so it is very easy […]

Google Pixel 3 Battery Repair

Google Pixel 3 Battery Repair Google Pixel 3 was launched on Oct 2018 and one of the best phones in Pixel series. But it is one of the most complicated phone to repair. The battery is pretty good in this model but still, with usage and time it starts to degrade. At Cityphones we can […]

iPhone 11 Pro back glass repair

iPhone 11 Pro back glass repair iPhone back glass repair is very common now. All new iPhones come with a glass back to support wireless charging. iPhone 11 pro backglass is stronger than old models but still, it gets damage with the drop. Don’t leave your phone with smashed back. It will increase the risk […]

iPad battery repair in Melbourne

iPad battery repair in Melbourne iPad battery replacement in Melbourne. We stock most of the iPad models batteries and We can do iPad battery repair within 1-2 hours. This repair job is more complicated than normal phone battery replacement so it should be done by the only professional repairer. Moreover, for iPad battery replacement, we […]

iPhone SE back glass repair

iPhone SE back glass repair All iPhones from series 8 have back glass instead of a metal body. The main reason for this is wireless charging because it does not work through metal. So to achieve wireless charging in iPhones metal back was replaced with glass. Back glass looks better and give premium look to […]

iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhone Battery Replacement Service With time every phone battery gets faulty and it is one of the most common repairs. As we know in old phones batteries are removable and can be easily replaced. But since the first iPhone launch, it comes with an inbuilt battery which is not easy to replace. Moreover, there is […]

OnePlus Screen Repair

OnePlus Screen Repair Oneplus screen repair service in Melbourne by Cityphones. We can fix all models of Oneplus. A most common repair is the Screen replacement. Apart from screen repairs we can fix charging ports, battery, buttons etc. We have most of the Oneplus screens in stock and we can fix your phone in 60 […]

Apple watch screen repair

Apple Watch Screen Repair At Cityphones we do Apple watch screen repair in Melbourne. Apple Watch repair is more complicated than normal phone repairs and most of the repair shops are unable to repair Apple watches. But at Citphones our technicians are highly skilled in doing Apple watch screen repair. Unlike iPhone screen repair which […]

Google Pixel 3a Screen Repair

Google Pixel 3a screen repair If your Google pixel 3a screen is cracked and LCD is still working we can replace just front glass instead of replacing whole LCD panel. In this way, you can save money because the front glass repair cost is cheaper than the whole LCD. For Pixel 3a front glass repair […]