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Samsung Tablet Repair

Samsung Tablet Repair

Samsung Tablet Repair Cost

Model NameModel NumberScreen Repair CostBattery Replacement Cost
Galaxy Book 10.6 4G/Wi-FiSM-W627YZ, SM-W620NZ$315.00 $225.00
Galaxy Book 12 4G/Wi-FiSM-W727YZ, SM-W728YZ, SM-W720NZ$525.00 $225.00
Galaxy Nexus 10.1GT-P8110H$525.00 $185.00
Galaxy Note 10.1GT-N8000Z, GT-N8010E$435.00 $205.00
Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014)SM-P6000Z, SM-P6050Z$335.00 $185.00
Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-FiGT-N8010E, GT-N8010Z$435.00 $205.00
Galaxy Note 8GT-N5110Z, GT-N5120Z$315.00 $185.00
Galaxy NotePRO 12.2SM-P9000Z, SM-P9050Z$555.00 $225.00
Galaxy Tab 10.1GT-P7500F, GT-P7510F$435.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab 2 10.1GT-P5100T, GT-P5110Z$325.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab 2 7GT-P3100T, GT-P3110T$295.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab 3 10.1GT-P5210Z, GT-P5220Z$305.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab 3 7SM-T2100G$295.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab 3 8SM-T3100Z, SM-T315TZ$365.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab 3 Kids 7SM-T110NB, SM-T111MD$285.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7SM-T113ND$245.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7 VESM-T113NY$195.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7 VE 3GSM-T116ND$205.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab 4 10.1SM-T530NZ, SM-T535NZ$295.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab 4 8SM-T330NZ, SM-T335NZ$285.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab 7.7GT-P6810L$315.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab A 10.1 4G/Wi-FiSM-P585YZ, SM-T580NZ$285.00 $205.00
Galaxy Tab A 7.0 Wi-Fi 2016SM-T280NZ$215.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab A 8.0SM-T350NZ$265.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab A 8.0 4G/Wi-FiSM-T380NZ, SM-T385NZ, SM-T355YZ$245.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab A 9.7 4G/Wi-FiSM-T550NZ, SM-T555NZ$255.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab A 10.5 4G/Wi-FiSM-T590NZ, SM-T595NZ$285.00 $205.00
Galaxy Tab A with S Pen 8.0/9.7SM-P350NZ, SM-P550NZ, SM-P555NZ$285.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab ActiveSM-T360NN, SM-T365YN$285.00 $205.00
Galaxy Tab Active 2 4G/Wi-FiSM-T390N, SM-T395N$285.00 $205.00
Galaxy Tab S 10.5SM-T800NT, SM-T805YT$475.00 $205.00
Galaxy Tab S 8.4SM-T700NT, SM-T705YZ$415.00 $205.00
Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 4G/Wi-FiSM-T710NZ, SM-T715YZ, SM-T719YZ, SM-T713NZ$285.00 $205.00
Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 4G/Wi-FiSM-T810NZ, SM-T815YZ, SM-T819YZ, SM-T813NZ$325.00 $205.00
Galaxy Tab S3 4G/Wi-FiSM-T825YZ, SM-T820NZ$370.00 $225.00
Galaxy Tab S4 4G/Wi-FiSM-T830NZ, SM-T835NZ$345.00 $225.00
Galaxy Tab S5e 4G/Wi-FiSM-T720NZ, SM-T725NZ$305.00 $225.00
Galaxy Tab S6 4G/Wi-FiSM-T860NZ, SM-T865NZ$405.00 $225.00
Galaxy TabPRO 10.1SM-T525NZ, SM-T520NZ$405.00 $205.00
Galaxy TabPro S 4G/Wi-FiSM-W700NZ, SM-W703NZ, SM-W708YZ, SM-W700NZ$405.00 $225.00
Galaxy ViewSM-T670NZ$475.00 $205.00
Tab A 8.0 2019SM-T290NZ$285.00 $185.00
Tab A 10.1 2019 4G/WI-FISM-T510N, SM-T515N$285.00 $185.00
Galaxy Tab Active Pro 10.1 Wi-Fi/ 4GSM-T540N, SM-T545N$275.00 $200.00
Galaxy Book SSM-W767NZ$405.00 $205.00
Samsung Galaxy tab S6 liteSM-P610NZ$290.00 $185.00
Samsung Galaxy tab S7 4G/Wi-FiSM-T870NZ, SM-T875NZ$305.00 $260.00
Samsung Galaxy tab S7 Plus Wi-FiSM-T976NZ, SM-T970, SM-T970NZ$425.00 $265.00
Samsung Galaxy tab S7 Plus 4G/5GSM-T976$425.00 $175.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3SM-T570N, SM-T575N$300.00 $185.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7SM-T500, SM-T505$275.00 $175.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 LiteSM-T220NZ, SM-T225NZ$225.00 $140.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5GSM-T736B / SM-T733N$290.00 $220.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab A8SM-X200 / SM-X205$275.00 $170.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Wifi/5GSM-X700N / SM-X706B$295.00 $170.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Wifi/5GSM-X800N / SM-X806B$395.00 $175.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Wifi/5GSM-X900N / SM-X906B$535.00 $190.00

Samsung Tablet Repair

Samsung Tablet Repair Melbourne

If your Samsung tablet needs repair after a sudden fall from your hands like screen repair, battery replacement, and charging port repair. If yes, you need reliable Samsung tablet repair technicians and experts in repairing your Samsung tablet perfectly and at an affordable price. City Phones is a team of qualified Samsung tablet repair technicians who are experts in providing high-quality Samsung tablet repair in Melbourne. We are here to help you with Samsung tablet repair and transform your Samsung tablet into its original condition just like new. City Phones is one of the most reliable repair centers for Samsung tablet repair in Melbourne, Australia. With multiple locations in Melbourne and the ease to book your repair online, we assure you that you won’t regret choosing us for the tablet repair. Here at City Phones, we strongly believe in total customer satisfaction and want each of our customers to leave our store with a smile on their face. Providing high-quality work output is our habit so rest assured that you will get good care while our technician provides high-quality repair to your Samsung tablet.

Samsung Tablet Screen Repair in Greensborough

City Phones provide all manner of repairs for damaged or broken Samsung tablet screens. With a team of dedicated and highly qualified repair technicians and a wealth of premium Samsung tablet replacement parts, we replace the broken Samsung tablet screen at an affordable price. With the usage of genuine Samsung tablet screen replacement parts, our technicians guarantee that you’ll find the service at City Phones to be the best available within Greensborough and beyond. While replacing the Samsung tablet screen we keep in our mind two main things, first is affordability and time efficiency. Screen replacement is the most common repair needed after your Samsung tablet falls from your hands causing the screen to crack in many places. Our experienced technicians make every effort to replace the cracked screen of your Samsung tablet in the minimum possible time. Also keeping screen replacement prices of your Samsung tablet low is another goal of our technicians.

Samsung Notebook Repair in Melbourne

Samsung is amongst the world’s best brands which offers us the latest and most advanced Samsung Notebooks. Though Samsung notebooks are durable, accidents do happen to result in cracks on the screen of the Samsung notebook. In case you are looking for a suitable Samsung notebook repair service provider in Melbourne, choose City Phones for a trustworthy and durable Samsung notebook repair. At City Phones, we know how important your notebook is for you, so our expert technicians make every effort to repair your Samsung notebook as quickly as possible. Also, our highly skilled Samsung notebook repair specialists take utmost care while repairing your Samsung notebook. We love to provide excellent Samsung notebook repair services like screen repair, battery replacement, and charging port repair. We strive to provide our best work with every Samsung notebook repair. Also, we offer a standard repair warranty with every repair we complete.

Samsung Tablet Battery Repair Greensborough

If you want a high-quality Samsung tablet battery replacement in Greensborough, you need to look for a Samsung tablet battery repair technician capable of replacing a faulty Samsung tablet battery with a new genuine Samsung tablet battery. Look no further as City Phones is here with a team of experienced technicians, who will replace the faulty battery of our Samsung tablet using only genuine Samsung tablet battery. It will not take more than 30 minutes to an hour to replace the battery of your Samsung tablet. We offer Samsung tablet battery replacement at a reasonable price using premium quality parts. For on-the-spot battery replacement in your Samsung tablet visit our store located in Greensborough Plaza. Whether your Samsung tablet battery is swollen, or the battery lifespan is not up to the mark, visit us to get it replaced.

Samsung Tablet Charging Port Repair Melbourne

If the charging port of your Samsung tablet is not working, you need to replace the present Samsung tablet charging port with a new genuine Samsung tablet charging port. City Phones with the help of its expert technicians will replace the non-working Samsung tablet charging port in just 30 minutes to an hour. You have also the option of sending your device to us with Australia post. We will replace the faulty charging post and return your Samsung tablet after repair as soon as possible to our technicians so that you don’t stay away from your Samsung tablet for long. We understand the importance of your Samsung tablet for you so our technicians make every possible effort to replace the faulty charging port as soon as possible.