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IPHONE 12 Repair

IPHONE 12 Repair in Melbourne

IPHONE 12 Repair

IssueGenuine Apple PartsAftermarket PartsEstimated Repair Time
IPHONE 12 Screen Repair$549Price Drop$14930-60 Minutes
IPHONE 12 Battery Replacement$179$14930-60 Minutes

Genuine Apple Parts are sourced from Apple.  1 Year Warranty on the repair.

After Market Parts are High-quality parts not from Apple.  6 Months warranty on the repair.

IPHONE 12 other Repair Service

IssueAftermarket PartsRepair Time
IPHONE 12 Back Glass Replacement$1992-3 Hours
IPHONE 12 Charging Port Repair$14960 Minutes
IPHONE 12 Microphone Repair$14960 Minutes
IPHONE 12 Ear Speaker Repair $14960 Minutes
IPHONE 12 Ringer/loudspeaker Repair$14960 Minutes
IPHONE 12 Back Camera Repair$19960 Minutes
IPHONE 12 Front Camera Repair (without Face id) $14960 Minutes
IPHONE 12 Camera Lens repair$7560 Minutes
IPHONE 12 Back Frame Replacement$29960 Minutes
iphone 12 screen repair

IPHONE 12 Repair

IPHONE 12 Repair in Melbourne

At Cityphones, our trained and experienced technicians are equipped with everything to carry IPHONE 12 repair in Melbourne. All of our IPHONE 12 repair comes with 12 months of warranty and can be done in 30-90 minutes.

The IPHONE 12 is a device that feels new and familiar at the same time because of its flat sides like the IPHONE 4 but with a 6.1-inch display. Apple has also introduced 5G with this IPHONE for its users to enjoy games and work without worrying about the data speed. It has a new design, better cameras, and a better processor. it is the first generation to include OLED in every model.

IPHONE 12 Screen Repair-Glass replacement

At Cityphones we can replace the broken IPHONE 12 Glass if the display and the touch screen are functional. IPHONE 12 glass, IPHONE 12 Retina OLED Display Screen. One can use a protective case or IPHONE 12 screen protector to prevent their phone. At city phones, our experienced staff and technicians are capable of carrying IPHONE 12 screen repair within a couple of hours.

IPHONE 12 Screen and Display replacement

This is the first IPHONE generation that has an OLED display in every model. it has a 6.1-inch display size.
IPHONE 12 LCD repair at City Phones Melbourne is only required if you are totally unable to use your IPHONE screen. For an instance, if your screen has got lines or it went totally black, or it has touch issues. In that case, we can replace the complete IPHONE 12 glass & OLED display screen.

IPHONE 12 Back Glass Repair

Apple has continued its glass-sandwich design with the aluminum band wrapped around it. Cityphones is equipped with all the devices required to replace the IPHONE 12 back glass replacement in Melbourne. All expert technicians can perform this repair within hours or on the same day.

IPHONE 12 Battery Replacement

If the phone suddenly starts to drop the charging, is unable to charge, or takes a long time to charge then there might be some problem with the battery. At City Phones our technicians can assist you with the charging-related issues and are capable of replacing the battery if needed.

IPHONE 12 Charging Port Repair

We all at some points have experienced the problem of phone not charging. One can think of it as the faulty charger, but it can also be the faulty charging port. Cityphones can repair the charging port in no time.

IPHONE 12 Camera Repair

At City Phones, we can perform all the jobs related to IPHONE 12 camera repair. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction and our staff always try their best to bring your phone back to as good as new.

Motherboard repair

At City Phones, we also provide the service of motherboard repairs. We have a state-of-the-art tools and technology, certified and experienced technicians to perform motherboard repairs. We also provide phone accessories and protective cases to protect your phone, you can either look at them in-store or on our online store. For all the repair services from iPad repair to IPHONEs, you can visit our store, or alternatively, you can click on the Book Repair button on this page to book your repair. We also provide pick-up and drop-off repair, on-the-spot repair service in Melbourne, and repair by post in Australia.

The most common services we provide for the device are as mentioned below.

  • Screen replacement
  • Glass repair
  • Back glass repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Camera repair
  • Charging port repair
  • Data recovery
  • Charging Port Replacement
  • Front Camera Replacement
  • Back Camera Replacement
  • Earpiece Speaker Replacement
  • Headphone Jack Replacement
  • Loudspeaker Replacement
  • Power Button Replacement
  • Volume button Replacement
  • Vibrator Replacement
  • Motherboard Repairs
  • Water Damage Repair Assessment
  • Fault Diagnosis & Quote Service
  • Insurance Damage Report& Quote Service

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IPHONE 12 Repair Cost – Cityphones Melbourne

IPHONE 12 Repair at Cityphones covers all the faults with your device. IPHONE 12 repair in Melbourne CBD is conducted at our store on Elizabeth Street. The expert technicians and staff are able to provide all the repairs. we also provide pick-up and mail service for areas around Melbourne CBD. Please submit your query for pick-up service if required.

IPHONE 12 Repair Price – City Phones Melbourne CBD

Our Melbourne CBD store provides all the services required for your IPHONE 12 repairs. Please refer to the table above for all the prices or simply contact us through chat.