OnePlus 5t Repair

OnePlus 5T Repair

OnePlus 5T Repair

OnePlus 5T LCD Repair (Broken LCD, No display, lines, dead pixels, etc ) $275
OnePlus 5T Battery Replacement$99
OnePlus 5T Charging Port Repair$99
OnePlus 5T Microphone Repair$99
OnePlus 5T Ear Speaker Repair $99
OnePlus 5T Ringer/loudspeaker Repair$99
OnePlus 5T Headphone Socket Repair$99
OnePlus 5T Back Camera Repair$99
OnePlus 5T Front Camera Repair$99
OnePlus 5T Camera Lens repair$65

At Cityphones we can do

  • OnePlus 5T screen repair
  • OnePlus 5T battery replacement
  • OnePlus 5T back glass repair
  • OnePlus 5T camera repair
  • OnePlus 5T LCD repair
  • OnePlus 5T camera lens repair
  • OnePlus 5T water damage repair
  • OnePlus 5T charging port repair
  • OnePlus 5T network unlock
  • OnePlus 5T screen replacement

How to fix OnePlus 5T in Melbourne with us ?

  • You can book and come to store for repair.
  • Living far away : You can post us your phone and we will send it back after repair.

What types of repair we can do?

  • No display
  • Touch not working
  • Phone not charging
  • Phone not working
  • Battery problem
  • Water damage in phone
  • Back glass repair
  • Camera replacement
  • Camera lens replacement

Please Note: After repair the water proof devices may not remain water proof any more.

Please feel free to get in touch with expert on 0426504955