Buy iPhone 11 Parts in Melbourne Australia. We have stock ready to go to fix your iPhone 11 screen. We offer free delivery all over Australia. Our replacement screens are much better than any other screen available in the market. We offer a three months warranty.

Installing a screen is a very crucial part of repairing the iPhone 11. You have to make sure that all the screws are exactly on the place as they were taken off. Always make sure to disconnect the battery before removing or installing the new screen. There are chance you can damage back light of your device if you do not follow this. Our warranty is for the replacement screen only. In case you damaged the screen or its connector while installation the warranty will be voided.

If this process seems to be very complicated for you? Please feel free to ask our trained technician to install the screen for you at little extra cost. Remember we are always ready to help. Please feel free to visit one of our store today.