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Samsung A55 5G Repair

Samsung A55 5G Repair in Melbourne

Samsung A55 5G Repair

Samsung A55 5G LCD Replacement (Broken LCD, No display, lines, dead pixels, etc )Call
Samsung A55 5G Battery ReplacementCall
Samsung A55 5G Charging port replacementCall
Samsung A55 5G Microphone RepairCall
Samsung A55 5G Ear Speaker RepairCall
Samsung A55 5G Ringer RepairCall
Samsung A55 5G Headphone Socket RepairCall
Samsung A55 5G Back Camera RepairCall
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Samsung A55 5G Camera lens RepairCall
Samsung A55 5G Repair in Melbourne

Samsung A55 5G Repair

Samsung A55 5G Repair in Melbourne

What is New in Samsung A55 5G?

The new Samsung A55 5G smartphone has a 6.6-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display with vision booster technology to make viewing in sunlight easy. This latest smartphone from Samsung is available in an all-new design featuring 3 camera setups embedded in a metal frame for a perfect grip over the phone. The 3-camera setup of this smartphone possesses 3 rear or main cameras with specifications 12MP Ultra-Wide Camera, 50MP Wide-Angle Camera, and 5MP Macro Camera enabling you to shoot better quality photos and videos to make every important moment of your life a memorable one. The front or the selfie camera is 32MP to click magnificent selfies. Now with the new Samsung A55 5G smartphone, you can click wonderful photos even within low lighting conditions termed as nightography. The 50MP wide-angle camera is responsible for optimizing every image you click with this phone, enhancing its brightness, sharpness, and natural colors with low noise at night. Also, you could shoot super HDR videos under high or low lighting conditions, due to the optimized color and contrast with recording precise and smooth motion with OIS and VDIS stabilization in 4K. This is a gaming phone thanks to the improved octa-core processor which makes multitasking, playing games, and streaming very easy. The 5G network capabilities make streaming your favorite shows and movies super easy. This smartphone ships with 128GB internal storage expandable up to 1TB using a microSD card. The IP67 dust and water resistance provides this smartphone with complete protection against dust and water.

Where Can I Replace the Damaged Screen of Samsung A55 5G?

The 6.6-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED display is made to bear bumps or sudden falls on the ground, but the sudden impact of the hand slip cracks the screen of this smartphone. If you are searching for the right professionals to replace the damaged screen of the Samsung A55 5G smartphone, then you are at the right place. City Phones is a team of highly skilled and trained professionals having many years of experience in replacing the damaged screens of Samsung smartphones. With the help of authentic and manufacturer-sourced Samsung A55 5G replacement parts, we could provide you with a durable and reliable screen replacement solution for the Samsung A55 5G smartphone.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace Samsung A55 5G Damaged Screen?

City Phones’ screen replacement prices of all Samsung smartphones are competitive within the Australian market. The screen replacement prices of Samsung A55 5G are reasonable and if compared with other Samsung authorized repair stores in Australia our screen replacement prices are the lowest. We believe in repairing our client’s phones within our 3 repair stores located in Melbourne and Greensborough and we never transfer our screen replacement work to another service provider. Also, with every Samsung A55 5G screen replacement you get a standard replacement warranty to back the skills possessed by our professionals and show confidence in the replacement parts we use in replacing the damaged screen of the Samsung A55 5G mobile phone.

How To Know Samsung A55 5G LCD Needs Replacement?

If you have dropped your Samsung A55 5G smartphone and your LCD touchscreen is displaying multi-colored lines on it or your Samsung smartphone goes blank and after some time it returns to the normal working condition, then it is certain that the present LCD screen is faulty and immediate replacement is recommended. The appearance of vertical lines in many colors on the LCD touchscreen makes sure that the time has come to replace the present LCD touchscreen to continue enjoying seamless viewing experience and uninterrupted performance of this Samsung A55 5G smartphone. We will with the help of our most experienced and qualified professionals replace the faulty LCD touchscreen taking just 30 minutes to an hour. Also, we assure you of the quality of the LCD touchscreen replaced within your Samsung A55 5G smartphone as our professionals only use authentic parts to replace the faulty LCD and make your Samsung smartphone look new again.

Which Place is the Best to Replace the Draining Battery of Samsung A55 5G Smartphone? 

If you are facing a battery drainage issue within your Samsung A55 5G smartphone, then City Phones is here to help you. We with the help of our most talented and highly skilled professionals replace the draining battery at an affordable price. We can guarantee you that the new Samsung A55 5G battery will provide the same battery backup as you used to experience when using your new Samsung A55 5G smartphone. This is made possible due to the use of an authentic Samsung A55 5G battery and the expertise of our Samsung phone repair experts. After screen replacement service, battery replacement is the second most common repair needed within a smartphone. The maximum time you need to wait to experience the same performance as you enjoyed when your Samsung A55 5G smartphone was new is only 30 minutes to an hour. This Samsung smartphone comes with a 5,000mAh battery with super-fast charging capability. We guarantee that the same specification battery will be replaced by our Samsung phone repair experts along with a manufacturer-supplied warranty period. We believe in total customer satisfaction so you can have a peaceful sleep at night due to our policy of using only genuine replacement parts to ensure durability of all our Samsung battery replacement services.

If My Samsung A55 5G Stops Charging, Where Could I Take It?

Samsung A55 5G is a high-end gaming smartphone with super-fast charging capability. But after the sudden fall of the smartphone, if you start experiencing problems in charging your Samsung A55 5G smartphone, it might be possible that the charging port of your smartphone is not working, and you need to replace it. City Phones’ professionals will replace the non-working charging port of your Samsung A55 5G smartphone and again want to charge your Samsung A55 5G smartphone as before the accidental fall on ground. The professionals working at City Phones are very experienced and could replace the non-working charging port of the Samsung A55 5G with an authentic Samsung A55 5G charging port. We guarantee that after the charging port replacement, your Samsung A55 5G smartphone will be able to charge in the same time as before.

City Phones also sells Samsung A55 5G accessories to keep your costly smartphone screen protected and without scratch. The world’s best brands Samsung A55 5G cases, covers, and screen protectors are available with City Phones at a very competitive price within Australia. Everybody knows the importance of smartphone cases and screen protectors in keeping the screen of the smartphone unharmed and unscratched. These Samsung A55 5G cases and screen protectors are available with us both online and in-store. If you place online orders of Samsung A55 5G cases and screen protectors, you can get attractive discount offers. If you want to purchase Samsung A55 5G cases and Samsung A55 5G screen protectors by visiting our stores, then you can visit any of our 3 stores within Melbourne and Greensborough and check for available discount offers there. With every purchase of Samsung A55 5G cases and screen protectors, you get an assured 10-day return guarantee, free shipping, and an Afterpay payment facility where you purchase now and make payment later.