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IPOD Repair

IPOD Repair

IPOD Screen Repair Melbourne

Apple IPOD is a pocket-sized portable MP3 player manufactured by Apple and sold across the world. IPOD is the best-known family of MP3 Players known till date. The first version of IPOD was released in October 2001 with 5GB and 10GB storage capacity and has a manual scrolling wheel. The scroll wheel was used to physically control various actions like menu, play, next and previous. The second version came in 2002 with the name Touch Wheel with 10GB and 20GB capacity. The iOS based IPOD touch was the last model released before the whole IPOD device was discontinued in May 2022. In case you accidentally dropped your IPOD, and it resulted in a cracked IPOD screen. This is a common problem and we have just the right repair solutions for your IPOD cracked screen. For immediate IPOD glass screen repair or glass screen replacement look for a suitable IPOD repair specialist in Melbourne. City Phones knows the fact that it is really annoying to carry a cracked screen IPOD, so we have the most experienced technicians who have the caliber to replace the cracked screen of your IPOD at a reasonable price. Contact us to replace the IPOD cracked screen in the minimum possible time.

IPOD LCD Repair in Greensborough

If the LCD of your IPOD is damaged and it is not responding to your touch on the screen, your IPOD needs an immediate LCD replacement to bring it back in good working condition. For IPOD LCD Replacement choose City Phones’ expert technicians who have repaired a good number of IPODs and guarantee that after the LCD replacement your IPOD will work perfectly again like before. We use only genuine IPOD LCD replacement parts for the LCD replacement service and charge you a reasonable price.

IPOD Battery Repair in Melbourne

Does your IPOD need to be charged again and again as the present battery of your IPOD is not able to hold the charge it used to do at the time of purchase? This creates a hindrance in listening to music, to replace the battery of your IPOD contact City Phones as the expert technicians working here have the caliber and expertise to replace your IPOD battery in just 30 minutes to an hour with the use of genuine IPOD battery replacement parts.

IPOD Charging Port Repair Greensborough

If your IPOD is not able to charge with its charging adapter, then it is the time to replace the charging port of your IPOD. Are you searching for a professional who could replace the charging port of your IPOD easily and at a reasonable price? If yes, choose City Phones as only these technicians have the experience and exposure to replace IPOD charging port using genuine IPOD charging port parts to enhance the durability of the IPOD charging port replacement in Greensborough.

IPOD Water Damage Repair Melbourne

Is your IPOD water damaged? If yes, your IPOD needs motherboard repair which only a well-experienced technician could do. City Phones is a team of expert technicians who could very easily repair your water damaged IPOD at a reasonable price. Contact us to get your water damaged IPOD repaired perfectly and within just 30 minutes to an hour using genuine IPOD replacement parts. We aim to provide you with hassle-free IPOD repair services in Melbourne and Greensborough.