iPhone Repair

iphone xr

iPhone XR

Announced on the 13th of September 2018, the iPhone XR is the twelfth generation of the iPhone. It has a [...]

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iPhone Battery Replacement: Most known Problem in iPhones

iPhone Battery Replacement is very well discussed topic. Most of the people even don’t know that iPhone batttery can [...]

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iPhone X Screen Repair Melbourne

iPhone X Screen Repair Melbourne

  Adrenaline rushes can be great – falling sensation when on a roller coaster, or that feeling you get when [...]

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before after iPhone 8 screen repair

iPhone 8 Screen Replacement At City Phones

City Phones knows that sometimes it can be a hassle when you need to organise a phone screen repair. [...]

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iPhone Repairs Melbourne

iPhones are dominating the smartphone market at the moment. Unfortunately, having a cool and user-friendly design does not make them bulletproof. Dropping your iPhone and breaking it or scratching its screen, if you are lucky enough, is nothing new to most iPhone users. This is where City Phones can help out with iPhone repair.

As the iPhone digitiser is constructed out of glass, such a fragile material requires special care. Therefore, it’s no surprise the demand for iPhone screen repair has been on a constant rise as iPhones have intertwined into the daily lifestyle of millions, and phone owners want to get their devices repaired as soon as it’s been damaged.

iphone repairIf you are seeking iPhone repair in Melbourne, City Phones is here to help. As a specialist in iPhone screen repair, we have the expertise to fix any iPhone model, from the iPhone 4 right through to the luxury iPhone X.

If you’re after an iPhone screen repair in Melbourne, such as the iPhone 6 screen replacement, look no further! iPhone glass repair can take as little as 30 minutes and all repairs come with a 90-day warranty, so you can rest assured that your phone will look as if it was new.

On all iPhone glass repairs, we use a high-quality spec glass which encapsulates high durability and strength, meaning your phone can function to its highest potential.

Worried about the repair cost? No need! At City Phones, we charge a fraction of the cost of services provided by our competitors with compromising on quality.

iphone repairFor iPhone repair in Melbourne, contact us on 0426 504 955 or send your enquiry to find out how we can help you.