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Samsung J7 Pro Repair

Samsung J7 Pro Repair

Samsung J7 Pro Repair

Samsung J7 Pro Screen Replacement ( LCD and touch are still working )$149
Samsung J7 Pro LCD Replacement (Broken LCD, No display, lines, dead pixels, etc )$159 ( non-original) or $179 ( Original )
Samsung J7 Pro Battery Replacement$99
Samsung J7 Pro Charging port replacement$99
Samsung J7 Pro Microphone Repair$99
Samsung J7 Pro Ear Speaker Repair$99
Samsung J7 Pro Ringer Repair$99
Samsung J7 Pro Headphone Socket Repair$99
Samsung J7 Pro Back Camera Repair$99
Samsung J7 Pro Front Camera Repair$99
Samsung J7 Pro Camera lens Repair$45
samsung j7 pro screen repair

Samsung J7 Pro Repair

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Repair in Melbourne and Greensborough

With expert repair technicians and high-quality parts, City Phones offers Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro repairs in Melbourne and Greensborough. The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro is a very durable and fast phone within your budget. It has all the high specifications you can expect from a high-end smartphone. We understand well the importance of a smartphone in our life these days. We will have your device repaired as soon as possible. Normally, screen repair on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro phones takes 30 minutes to one hour. Our expert and experienced staff of technicians are ready to help you out with any sort of damage. At City Phones, we give most importance to our customer’s phones as we know their value. All repairs come with a standard repair warranty from us.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Screen Repair

City Phones has a team of qualified and experienced technicians who can provide Screen and LCD replacements for the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro in Melbourne and Greensborough at a reasonable price. The service provided is backed up by a standard repair warranty. City Phones provides the best services using the highest quality parts at a very competitive price. Do you need the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro’s cracked screen replaced? Our experienced and qualified screen repair technicians will immediately pinpoint the problem, whether it’s a cracked glass or LCD replacement, and will make your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro as good as new in under 30 mins to 1 hour.

City Phones Melbourne is the leading destination for all repairs related to the display screen of your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro mobile phone. Our stores are located conveniently in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD and Greensborough Plaza. Our staff members have been specially trained to repair Galaxy J7 Pro mobile phones.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Battery Repair

Is your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro having problems with battery life? Is the battery no longer charging, charging but slowly, or is it inflated? You’re in the right place to resolve your Samsung mobile problem issues. We provide high-quality service using premium quality battery replacement parts for your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro every time. All our repairs are backed by the standard warranty. You can also send your Samsung mobile to any of our 3 stores located in Melbourne and Greensborough.  Our experts set the standard; we are the leading battery replacement choice for replacing faulty batteries in Melbourne and Greensborough. It will take just 30 mins to an hour to replace your phone’s battery and bring it back to charge like before.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Camera Repair

Are the pictures on your Samsung mobile phone coming out blurry? Do you need a fast and affordable solution to repair your Samsung mobile camera? City Phones are the experts in repairing the faulty camera of your Samsung Galaxy J7 mobile phone. We have all the high-quality parts of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro mobile phones in stock to replace your Samsung mobile camera. Our experienced team of experts in Melbourne and Greensborough is dedicated to providing you with reliable and efficient Samsung mobile phone camera repair services. Our team of technicians uses only genuine parts while providing replacements for the camera parts of your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro mobile phone. We perform camera replacement services with utmost care.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Charging Port Repair

If your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro mobile phone is not charging, or if the charging is very slow, then it’s time to replace your mobile charging port. In Melbourne and Greensborough, it takes just 30 minutes to 1 hour to replace your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro charger port. We provide high-quality Samsung repairs using quality parts that extend your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro mobile phone life at an affordable price. If you are looking for Samsung phone repairs in less time and at a lower price, you are welcome to visit our stores in Melbourne and Greensborough. City Phones understands that your Samsung mobile phone plays an important role in your life. Therefore, we offer quality and fast service for our customers along with competitive prices and premium parts. All our charging port replacements take place at our stores, so our charging port replacement services are fast and affordable.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro Water Damage Repair

With the passing of time, the mobile phone industry has shifted towards designing water-proof or water-resistant mobile phones. Presently, only a few mobile phones are water-resistant, which can withstand immersion in water for a few minutes only. In case the water has entered your mobile phone, you need to act quickly by immediately visiting our stores to avoid any damage to the motherboard and internal components of your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro mobile phone. If your Samsung mobile phone has a removable battery, remove it immediately and don’t put it back in the phone. Our technicians will make every effort to bring your precious Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro mobile phone again to life.

Most issues, including Samsung phone screen replacement and charging port replacement, can be resolved in 30 minutes to an hour by our fully trained and experienced mobile phone technicians. If you book the service in advance, it is more efficient to get the job done as we have all the required parts in advance with us. On the whole, we implement our best strategies for mobile phone repairs to attain customer satisfaction.