Huawei P30 Repair

Huawei P30 Repair

Huawei P30 Repair

Huawei P30 Screen Repair $399
Huawei P30 Battery Replacement$99
Huawei P30 Charging Port Repair$129
Huawei P30 Microphone Repair$129
Huawei P30 Ear Speaker Repair $129
Huawei P30 Ringer/loudspeaker Repair$129
Huawei P30 Headphone port Repair$129
Huawei P30 Back Camera Repair$149
Huawei P30 Front Camera Repair$149
Huawei P30 Camera Lens repair$75
Huawei P30 Back Glass Repair99
Huawei p30 screen repair

Huawei P30 Repair in Melbourne

Huawei P30 Repairs and screen repair in Melbourne Australia. It has all the latest features you can expect from the modern-day flagship. Counting from Face ID, wireless charging, fast charging, NFC, and much more, it has it all. Limitless human imagination—that’s the inspiration for the Huawei P30. The breakthroughs in technology will blur the lines between what you can dream and what you can do.

Huawei P30 comes in different colors. It has the 3D glass with a smooth finish. A streamlined symphony in the palm of your hand.

At Cityphones, we have successfully done the following repairs on Huawei P30,

-Broken screen repair

-Broken LED replacement

-Charging Port Repair

-Battery Replacement

-Faulty cameras replacement

And much more, visit the store today.