IPHONE XS Repair in Melbourne

IPHONE Xs Screen Repair

IssuePriceRepair Time
IPHONE XS Screen Repair ( LCD and touch are Still working )$149On Sale30 Minutes
IPHONE XS LCD Repair (Broken LCD, No display, lines, dead pixels, etc ) $169 ( Aftermarket quality ) or $249 ( original refurbished )30 minutes
IPHONE XS Back Glass Replacement$11960 Minutes
IssuePriceRepair Time
IPHONE XS Battery Replacement$9930 Minutes
IPHONE XS Charging Port Repair$11960 Minutes
IPHONE XS Microphone Repair$11960 Minutes
IPHONE XS Ear Speaker Repair $11930 Minutes
IPHONE XS Ringer/loudspeaker Repair$11930 Minutes
IPHONE XS Back Camera Repair$19930 Minutes
IPHONE XS Front Camera Repair (without Face id) $12930 Minutes
IPHONE XS Camera Lens repair$7530 Minutes
IPHONE XS Back Frame Replacement$24960 Minutes
iphone xs screen repair

IPHONE XS Repair in Melbourne

IPHONE Xs repairs in Melbourne CBD Australia. Most advanced and high-tech phone for the year 2018. IPHONE Xs is the next level up for IPHONE X.  IPHONE Xs is a very strong device and its lot more durable as compared to any other phone in the market. It also has back glass along with the front screen glass, which makes it more fragile than the previous IPHONE models. When it comes to repairing Cityphones has all the right and advanced tools to fox the modern-day devices. In terms of repairing IPHONE Xs, we can fix the most of issues with IPHONE Xs. Starting from Screen repair, speaker repair, battery replacement to motherboard issues.

Following are a few examples of recent IPHONE Xs repairs,

-Screen Repair

-LCD Replacement

-Battery Replacement

-Camera Replacement

-Backglass Replacement

-Speaker Repair

-Headphone Repair