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Introduced by Apple on its 10th anniversary, the iPhone X is Apple’s 18th iteration and it has all the high specifications you can expect from a high-end smartphone.

With its rounded edges and edge-to-edge display, the likelihood of drop damage is increased because of the glass in the front and back. If the back glass breaks, we need to remove every component and replacing the entire chassis.

The iPhone X also possesses fussy cables that tie unrelated components together into complex assemblies, making it expensive and difficult to replace.

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There’s also not one, but two battery cells (a first in an iPhone!) and two stacked halves of the logic board. The halves are soldered together and require a hot air rework station to separate the layers, making board-level repair extremely difficult.

Comparing the footprint of the logic board in the iPhone X with that of the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X motherboard is about 70% of the size of the iPhone 8 Plus board—that’s a lot more floor space for battery.

The new dual-celled battery has four pull-tabs that are adhered to the sides of the cells, rather than folded over the top, making the procedure a little trickier than usual.

iphone x repair

To make room for the extra front-facing sensors, the earpiece speaker has been shifted down quite a bit and there’s an additional chip between the Taptic Engine and lower speaker.

The tri-point screws from previous versions remain standing sentry over any repairs once we get past the pentalobe screws guarding the door.

The dual rear camera has a beefy bracket that looks like it might offer some bendgate-proofing support for the delicate components. The cameras are additionally secured to the rear case with some foam adhesive to keep things from jostling out of place. Guess these cameras really need to stay put for Portrait Mode and similar features to work their magic!

Surrounding the camera housing cover glass, tiny spot welds are likely holding the walls of the camera bump to the case. The TrueDepth front camera system rallies a team of sensors to bring facial recognition to the iPhone X.

iphone x repair

In the rear case, the first bracket is covered in spring connectors and EMI grounding fingers, and has a ribbon cable stuck to the back. The lower speaker enclosure is replete with sticky waterproofing adhesive around the port and lastly, the Taptic Engine and famed barometric vent are also present.

Apple’s Taptic Engine continues to be a linear oscillator vibration motor. The ear speaker has been newly redesigned with a cool duct to channel sound out of the display. It’s also home to a loudspeaker, microphone, ambient light sensor, flood illuminator, and proximity sensor.

Our engineers will demonstrate the dual tweezer technique to successfully repair the Lightning connector, which is looking extra-reinforced, with a wider bracket that screws into the sidewall of the frame. It also features through holes for the exterior pentalobe screws to pass through and key into the display.

iphone x repair

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Please Note: After repair, the water proof devices may not stay waterproof anymore.