Samsung S7 Edge Screen Repair(Glass)


Samsung S7 Edge Screen Repair(Glass)

Samsung S7 Edge Screen Repair in Melbourne Australia.

Repair time 1 hour.

3 Months warranty

Qualified technicians for Samsung S7 Edge Screen Repair.

We offer wide range of services and accept mail in repairs.

You can simply post your faulty device to us and we will ship back the repair working device within 1-2 working business days.

For more information please call store on 0426504955


$399.00 $239.00

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Samsung S7 Edge Screen repair¬†Melbourne CBD by expert technicians. Walk in with broken Samsung S7 edge screen and walk with brand new screen which works like a new phone. Our staff has number of years experience in repairing smartphones and tablet.¬†We check each part of the device and make sure the fault doesn’t repeat again.

Your Samsung S7 edge will be repaired by taking extra care because we know that device is expensive and fragile, internal parts very sensitive so assembling and dissembling is done by experts. Person who does not have experience in repairing Samsung S7 Edge can cause further damage to the phone instead of fixing it.


Cityphones can fix the following damages to Samsung S7 Edge

-Broken Screens

-Broken LCD

-Faulty charging port

-Faulty Headphone Jack

-Faulty back/front cameras

-Back glass cover

-Motherboard issues

Please feel free to get in touch with expert on 0426504955