Solar Crystal Hybrid Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy A55


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Solar Crystal Hybrid Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy A55.

Hybrid case with air sac protection can absorb, dissipate and repel shock away from
your device when dropped, raised lip and camera cutout offer scratch protection,
covered buttons are protected which are easy to feel and press.

Advanced acrylic back+ TPU frame Material 
From BAYER German, safe non-toxic polymers.

Certified Protection
Drop-tested, Military grade level.

Clear and Transparent Retention
Retains clear and transparent appearance, long-lasting clarity that does not turn yellow over time.

Shock-proof Air SAC Technology
Air SAC on all apexes of a phone case for Samsung A55, front line protection for your phone when dropped.

Total immerse protection
Safeguard your device by total immersion within this Anti-skid Hub.

Extreme crystal clear finish
Perfect harmonious combination, accentuates and enhance features.

Devoted to signal transmission
Sustain signal transition, Clear on acoustic receive and verbal delivery.