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How to disinfect your phone without damaging it ?

We all are using our phones for several hours a day from calling friends to email or playing games. Phones are always with us from office to daily activities like shopping. Recently due to Coronavirus outbreak most of us concerned about the virus on our phones. Studies have found the novel coronavirus may be able to survive on some surfaces for up to 9 days or maybe even longer. Washing hands is a good way to stop transmitting the virus [...]

Apple watch screen repair

Apple Watch Series 2 Screen Repair 42mm

Apple Watch Series 2 Screen repair Apple watch series 2 Screen repair 42mm This video is a guide for Apple watch series 2 Screen Repair. In this video, I am replacing a front glass of Apple watch. Most of the times when Apple watch screen is cracked, touch also stops to work. At Cityphones Instead of replacing the complete LCD panel, we can replace touch and glass only. This apple watch screen repair is more complicated than most of the phone repairs or iPhone [...]


Apple Watch Series 3 Screen repair

  Apple Watch Series 3 42mm glass repair only. This video is a guide for replacing Apple Watch series 3 glass only or touch screen repair. The actual video length is 40 minutes but I have edited to show the actual repair. At Cityphones in Melbourne, we do all Apple Watch repair. Supported modes are Apple Watch series 5 repair Apple Watch series 4 repair Apple Watch series 3 repair Apple Watch series 2 repair Apple Watch series 1 repair For all Apple Watch repair please check here. Apple Watch Repair


Apple Watch Series 5 screen repair 40mm

This is a guide to replace the Apple Watch Series 5 screen 40mm. If your apple watch series 5 front glass is cracked but LCD is still working then we can replace the front glass instead of replacing the whole LCD. Actual repair time is more than 1 hour but I have edited video to show most of the important steps. Apple watch repair is more complicated then phones. But at Cityphones our technicians are well trained to do following [...]