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Apple Registered patent for An All Glass iPhone

Apple Registered a patent for an all-glass iPhone instead of a foldable phone. It is assumed that the iPhone will have an all-glass body and buttons will be replaced by the touch panel or force sensors. An iPhone that will boast display and touch sensitivity on all its surfaces – front, back, and all four sides. US Patent 20200057525, called “Electronic Device with Glass Enclosure” shows what this device could look like and how it will potentially work. It seems like [...]

Google pixel phone repair

Pixel 2 xl screen repair

Pixel 2 xl screen repair If your Google pixel 2 xl has a broken or non-working screen we can fix it within 30 minutes. Pixel 2 xl screen replacement will resolve Dead pixels in LCD Touch issues Lines in LCD Blank LCD If you are living far away from Melbourne then you can use our mail-in repair service.  We will send back your device after fixing through express post. Call us today for the best price. We also accept Lattitude Pay in which you can pay in 10 [...]

samsung screen repair

Samsung S8 screen repair

Samsung s8 screen repair in Melbourne At Cityphones we can fix your broken Samsung phone in 30-40 minutes. We stock most of the Samsung phone screens. We can do Samsung S series repair Samsung A series repair Samsung J series repair Samsung Note series repair and much more. Call us today or email us for your samsung phone repair in Melbourne. Our stores are opened on weekend as well fro 10 am to 5pm. Other related services Samsung phone repair Samsung phone screen repair Samsung s10 repair samsung s10+ repair Samsung s10e repair Samsung [...]