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Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Repair At City Phones Melbourne

  The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a unique design when it comes to the screen (known as an infinity screen) – it has a continuous glass surface that spills over the sides, making it look great, but causing a bit of concern when it comes to the thought of accidentally cracking or breaking the screen. Unfortunately since these phones are very fragile, there is a fair amount of room for concern. Should such disaster befall you, we here at City [...]

before after iPhone 8 screen repair

iPhone 8 Screen Replacement At City Phones

City Phones knows that sometimes it can be a hassle when you need to organise a phone screen repair. We know in particular that iPhone repairs can be both expensive and time consuming. It is rare to have over $200 lying around just to get an iPhone 8 screen replacement and that doesn’t even include the time it can take out of your day, and then there’s the dread of it potentially needing to be sent away for a [...]


iPhone 8 Screen Repair: Tools for a same day iPhone repair

Breaking your phone is frustrating and an iPhone repair from Apple can be costly. Not only is it costly, but it can take a few days to get your device back. At City Phones, we recognise the importance of getting your phone repaired the same day it’s damaged.  We have all the necessary parts and tools for a same day iPhone repair in Melbourne, so you don’t have to wait. For further information on the cost of an iPhone [...]