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City Phones offer you to fix Mobile Phone Screens, Over Heat, Water Damage, Charging Port, Camera, Speaker, and Battery Replacement Services at your doorstep at an affordable price. We give you the highest quality work. City Phones offers the highest quality mobile phone repair service from trained staff members. Alongside IPHONE and Samsung fix, we fix all significant brands like Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi. We know very well that damaging your mobile phone screen could be bothersome for anyone especially in today’s [...]

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Google Pixel 3 Battery Repair

Google Pixel 3 Battery Repair Google Pixel 3 was launched on Oct 2018 and one of the best phones in Pixel series. But it is one of the most complicated phone to repair. The battery is pretty good in this model but still, with usage and time it starts to degrade. At Cityphones we can do Google pixel battery replacement. We have all batteries in stock from pixel 1 to pixel 4. As I mentioned before these phones are harder to [...]

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Google Pixel 3a Screen Repair

Google Pixel 3a screen repair If your Google pixel 3a screen is cracked and LCD is still working we can replace just front glass instead of replacing whole LCD panel. In this way, you can save money because the front glass repair cost is cheaper than the whole LCD. For Pixel 3a front glass repair is only possible if front LCD and touch are still working. But if there are any lines, dead pixels, touch issues or black spots in LCD then [...]

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Pixel 2 xl screen repair

Pixel 2 xl screen repair If your Google pixel 2 xl has a broken or non-working screen we can fix it within 30 minutes. Pixel 2 xl screen replacement will resolve Dead pixels in LCD Touch issues Lines in LCD Blank LCD If you are living far away from Melbourne then you can use our mail-in repair service.  We will send back your device after fixing through express post. Call us today for the best price. We also accept Lattitude Pay in which you can pay in 10 [...]