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Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Series: Budget AI-Powered Best Android Phone to Be Released

(Image credit: Google ) In the coming days, Google Pixel 6 will pack a custom Tensor chip and come in two versions: Standard and Pro. The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the two latest versions of new smartphones we are expecting to be released in early October 2021. These two best android phones after their release promise to change everything we know about Google’s phones. While there are still a few things we don’t know, what has [...]

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Google Pixel 3a Screen Repair

Google Pixel 3a screen repair If your Google pixel 3a screen is cracked and LCD is still working we can replace just front glass instead of replacing whole LCD panel. In this way, you can save money because the front glass repair cost is cheaper than the whole LCD. For Pixel 3a front glass repair is only possible if front LCD and touch are still working. But if there are any lines, dead pixels, touch issues or black spots in LCD then [...]

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Google pixel 3 screen repair

One more Google pixel 3 screen repair done by City phones. We have specialists who are equipped for doing Google Pixel 3 Screen repair within 1-2 hours. We utilize top-notch OEM parts and give a warranty on Pixel 3 screen repair services. Our technicians are specialized in Google Pixel 3 Phone repair services. At Cityphones we fix most of the faults that can happen in Pixel3 alongside screen repair and you can check here Reach us today to get a quote or to book [...]