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10 Easy Hacks to Ensure Your IPHONE Battery Lasts Long

A person who uses an IPHONE will have discovered that an IPHONE is a powerful and advanced technology smartphone that also has some pitfalls along with several benefits. In normal usage, an IPHONE user may need to charge an IPHONE once in a day but in heavy usage, IPHONE owners need to charge it multiple times in a day. In case you are worried about how to make your IPHONE battery last longer than this article is for you. Several easy and practical ways exist which help your IPHONE last longer. Below mentioned are 10 ways to assist improve IPHONE battery life.

Exposure to heat is among the prominent reasons why batteries in smartphones degrade earlier than expected. The best method to keep your IPHONE battery lasts long is to avoid exposure to heat, but it might not be available during the summer season. To keep your IPHONE battery healthy and in good condition, below are presented ten tips that might help you and help you keep your IPHONE battery healthy and last long.

  1. Completely Charge Your IPHONE

Ensure that your IPHONE remains cool and minimize the charging cycle by attempting to fully charge your IPHONE whenever you get a chance. Many times, situations arise where charging cannot be avoided but make sure that you charge your IPHONE completely to 100% and never let the charging of your IPHONE go below 20%.

  1. Make Sure “Optimized Battery Charging” Feature in Enabled

An Apple IPHONE has some built-in features enabling it to assist you in enhancing IPHONE battery life. This functionality within an Apple IPHONE is known as “Charging Optimization” functionality which you can set to “Optimized Battery Charging” to ensure enhanced IPHONE battery life. This setting you can find within the battery setting of your IPHONE “Settings” App.

  1. Disable Background Apps Refresh

Your IPHONE shows notifications about the weather conditions, about a new email, and many others as related apps running in the background. But depending on the frequency of the updates, this notification functionality may discharge your IPHONE battery much before the actual time. If you can manage to show these notifications lately, you can adjust the setting “Background App Refresh” to off. Do not panic and rest assured that disabling this feature will not stop showing notifications from Apps like WhatsApp.

  1. Instead of Wireless Charging Use Wired Charging

Wireless charging may be considered a standard of most premium smartphones. However, this new charging technology is slow and inefficient in comparison to wired charging. Also, this technology often makes your phone heat up. So, unless you have no other option left out to charge your IPHONE, make sure to charge your IPHONE with a charging cable in place of wireless charging.

  1. Avoid Playing Games While Charging

Charging is a process in which a lot of heat is generated. If you are among those who like playing games while your IPHONE charges, this habit could be bad for the health of your IPHONE battery as the temperature of the device could increase and it could accelerate degradation of the battery of your IPHONE. You can use apps and check messages while they charge but playing video games could be harmful to the health of your IPHONE battery so avoid playing video games if you want your IPHONE battery to remain in good health.

  1. Avoid Charging Your IPHONE in Extreme Temperatures

Apple says that the IPHONE is designed to perform in a wide range of temperatures, but it is not recommended to charge your IPHONE in extreme hot or cold conditions. Be cautious as charging your IPHONE in hot temperatures might permanently degrade the charging capacity of the IPHONE battery or reduce the capacity of the battery charging. In extremely cold conditions the battery life may decrease and could also affect the charging capacity of the IPHONE battery.

  1. Not Using Your IPHONE then Keep it After Charging the Battery to around 50 Percent

In case you are planning to not use your IPHONE for a few months, make sure you charge your IPHONE at least 50 percent before keeping it away. If you neglect doing so your IPHONE battery may go into a deep discharge state and may not hold the charge. Also, if you think that charging your IPHONE battery fully will be good then it may lose some charging capacity.

  1. Never Forget to Take the IPHONE Case Out While Charging

If your IPHONE is getting hot while charging, make sure to take off the IPHONE case. As discussed before, heat is the worst enemy of the IPHONE battery, charging the IPHONE with the case in a hot room could degrade the battery life more quickly than in normal conditions.

  1. Never Ignore Notifications Asking to Update the iOS version To the Latest iOS Version                       

Apple releases updates to fix the bugs discovered in the current iOS version installed in your IPHONE. These updates add new features to your IPHONE by optimizing device performance, these updates may also help extend the battery life of your IPHONE. In case you have ignored notifications regarding updating the present iOS version to the latest iOS version, you can do so by opening the settings of your IPHONE, then going to ‘General Settings’ and under the ‘Software Update’ section downloading and installing the latest iOS update.

  1. Disallow Notifications from Apps You Rarely Use

Most smartphone users install apps that they rarely use. If you are also facing the same situation, you need to disable the notifications of the Apps that are rarely used as these notifications will use some part of the device battery and could lower the battery performance of the IPHONE battery.

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