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Pixel 8a is the New Google AI Phone by Google Will Soon Be Available in Australia



Just like the previous versions of Pixel A series smartphones, Pixel 8a is a less costly Google flagship smartphone. In Australia, the preorders of Pixel 8a started on 7th May and this phone goes for sale from 14th May. You will be able to purchase a Google Pixel smartphone from the Google Store or various carriers and retail outlets. This mid-range smartphone from Google is equipped with the latest Google Tensor G3 system-on-chip. The Pixel 8a has a 6.1-inch OLED display size with 2400 x 1800 screen resolution, with Actua display technology which means its screen is 40% brighter at its peak in comparison to Pixel 7a. Google has also boosted the refresh rate to 120Hz instead of 90Hz. 8GB RAM ships with every Pixel 8a and you have two storage options to choose from: 128GB and 256GB. Battery size is 4,404mAh with 18W wired charging speed and you also have options to charge your smartphone using wireless charging.

Fresh Design and New Colors       

The Pixel 8a smartphone design fits comfortably in your hands with rounded edges, a matte back, and an aluminum frame. This latest smartphone from Google is made up of a more durable design as hand slips, spills, and dust are handled in a better way. Two new colors are being introduced along with Pixel 8a which are Aloe (a limited-edition color) and Bay. You can also go for one of neutral color options: Obsidian and Porcelain. Also, for the first time, two storage options are provided within Pixel 8a with 128GB and 256GB storage made available to choose from.

Photography Made Easy     

Pixel smartphones are best known for having the best smartphone cameras. Pixel 8a uses a powerful dual rear camera with specifications like a 64MP main camera and a 13MP ultrawide camera. Its front camera is 13MP and has a large field-of-view to fit even more into your shots. Pixel 8a is equipped with a Google Tensor G3 chip which makes this smartphone power-packed with AI-powered tools that enable you to make the most out of your photos and videos.

1) Best Take: This AI-powered tool helps you to create a group shot you want. You can also choose the best expression of each person within the group shot.

2) Magic Editor: This AI-powered tool enables you to reset the background of the photos clicked by Pixel 8a. Resetting the background of a photo means repositioning and resizing subjects or using presets to make it appealing all with just a few clicks.

3) Audio Magic Eraser: This is also an AI-powered tool that removes all the distracting sounds from your videos like traffic, wind, crowd, and other unwanted noises.

This smartphone also has a Super Res Zoom feature in which you can zoom up to 8x and features like Magic Eraser, Night Sight, and Photo Unblur. As seen in the predecessors of Pixel 8a, this smartphone also includes Real Tone which is helpful in correcting the skin tone of everyone in photos and videos.

Manage To Do Things Easier with Google AI

To save you time this smartphone has built-in features that help you to get more things done from your to-do list, so you get more time doing things having more importance in your life.

Pixel 8a includes Gemini, an AI assistant that lets you talk, type, and add images for all kinds of help on the go – from brainstorming ideas, writing a thank you note or even making plans for your next vacation. You need to only enable extensions, where you can ask this tool to do things for you and make your work easier. You need to hold the power button to get started with Gemini.

Circle to Search is a tool that enables you to search by just circling on the image, text, or video with your fingers and then tapping on the thing you want to search about. Other AI-powered Phone Call Assist features like Call Screen, Hold For Me, Direct My Call, Clear Calling, and more – are all included with the Pixel 8a.

Audio Emojis are the latest addition to Pixel 8a. This tool makes your phone call more expressive and engaging just like never before. In this tool, you need to just tap on an emoji to initialize an audio reaction and visual effect. Examples of Audio Emojis are using a hand-clap emoji when you want to applaud a work nicely done or a laughing emoji after cracking a joke to someone.

Enhanced Setup and Controls Make This Phone a Great Family Phone

With the introduction of Pixel 8a, now it is even easier to set up a Pixel smartphone for parents and guardians. This smartphone has an improved setup right out of the box, using which parents and guardians can setup rules on the digital grounds. Once the phone is set up, using Family Link you can manage your smartphone privacy settings, define screen time limits for your children, and share your location like never before.

Security Features at Its Best

For Google safety and security are always the top priority. Just like the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, this smartphone is built using the fastest and most secure Google Tensor G3 chip available to date. This smartphone has a certified Titan M2 security chip and a built-in VPN to provide an extra layer of protection so it’s even more secure against threats.

Along with every Pixel 8a smartphone, you get seven years of software support which includes security updates and Android updates. In addition to this, you have the advantage of receiving all new features and improvements in future updates.

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