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Software Repair

Symptoms of Software Repair in Mobile Phones and How to Fix It

Software Repair

The very common problem is getting your mobile phone software corrupted. So what are symptoms that your phone software is corrupted? Operating mobile phones gets very difficult as it becomes very sluggish and doesn’t work as you have expected. The phone runs very slow and the apps don’t open as usual. In this situation doing a software repair is the best possible solution to make phone functional again. Viruses can be a pain in the neck for mobile phones hence again Software Repair plays an important role. So maybe you are asking yourself a question? How can Software Repair fix these kinds of issues with the mobile phone? Fixing the software is essentially fixing the problem of the mobile device within by making changes to configuration or software capabilities of the device. Here is a quick overview and description of mobile phones and how Software Repair plays a huge factor.

Know more about the typical Software Defects

1. The old version of the Operating System possesses several vulnerability defects: This type of software defect might be the most common one many users face. In case you have a corrupted operating system of your mobile phone you can either downgrade or upgrade your mobile phone. In most favorable conditions people use to upgrade their mobile phone to the latest OS version to avoid any vulnerability defects, makes it faster, efficient and stable and most importantly whatever issues you are facing with your old operating system can be resolved after upgrading to a new version of the operating system.

2. Software impacts phone functionality: The phone companies keep releasing new software updates to solve the issues with previous version. Let say if one version have any security issue and can be easily hackable then as soon as company finds it they release new software that can solve issue. There are major and minor software updates. Major update is when company release new complete software like IOS 15 after IO 14 that add complete new features in phone. Minor updates are released to fix minor issues in software. Our recommendation is to keep your phone software updated or always turns on Auto software update in your phone.

3. Owner roots the mobile phone and the phone becomes non-functional: The meaning of the term Rooting is that your phone is running a customized ROM(Read Only Memory) to gain super access or as said root-level access. Sometimes the phone doesn’t work the way it is expected and the phone turns up non-functional. A few tips to avoid so that your rooted phone doesn’t become non-functional are installing custom recovery, using Android Debug Bridge(ADB) in case you possess an Android phone or running a fast boot command, keeping up an existing image of the phone, and always remember to back up the phone and hard reset it. These tips will help you to recover fast after rooting your phone and it becomes non-functional.

4. Jailbreaking for IPHONE: Different from Rooting Jailbreaking is the method of bypassing the iOS itself to install additional apps, run extensions, and install themes on your IPHONE mobile. After Jailbreak user can install apps from other resources other than AppStore. But installing apps from other resources is not recommended. Such apps may have virus, spyware or malware and it can easily steal your passwords, bank detail and much more. So avoid to jailbreak your phone and stick with original IOS and genuine apps from AppStore. If you already jailbreak your IPHONE then you can easily undo it by reinstalling IOS with iTunes. Make sure you back your data before reinstall software.

5. Incorrect version of firmware install or the conflict of the version of the operating system with the applications: Installing the correct and proper version of the firmware or the operating system is very important and makes a lot of difference. Running various applications that are not compatible with the installed version of the operating system or firmware might cause problems along with applications becoming incompatible and the phone keeps freezing. So installing the correct operating system is very important.

Below mentioned are a few steps to proceed with Software Repair

1. Reset your phone settings: This is the first and the basic step you need to do in case your mobile phone’s operating system gets corrupted. Restoring the original factory settings in the phone also solves the problem. Keep in mind that every mobile has a security code, make sure you check if the security code is ON or OFF before you factory reset your mobile phone. You may not be able to proceed if the mobile phone’s security code is ON and you have to enter the code. For your help, you can check online for Default Security Codes for every mobile phone.

2. Format your Phone: Formatting the phone means deleting all data stored within the phone which includes your contact list, pictures, videos, and applications. Nevertheless, before doing this you should make sure that you back up your mobile phone completely before formatting it. You can also proceed with reset all or reset all settings as well to proceed with. By doing this you are resetting all given settings by default.

3. Flash it: This is the last option just in case everything fails: In this, you need to reinstall the operating system in which either upgrading or downgrading might solve the problem. You can always check the version of your operating system before performing the process.

Therefore software repair plays a very vital role in the smooth functioning of the mobile phone. The benefits of Software Repair overweights the disadvantages. Taking care of your mobile phone should be your main priority. Software Repair plays a huge factor in the proper functioning of Mobile Devices.

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