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IPHONE Battery Replacement

How Will You Come to Know That your IPHONE Needs Battery Replacement

IPHONE Battery Replacement

You must have experienced the moment when suddenly your IPHONE battery died when you picked it up to make an important call. You are at work and suddenly your IPHONE signals that the battery is low as the battery charging status has turned red. You charge your IPHONE by plugging in the charging socket under your work desk using an adapter. When you reach your house, check your full-day messages and realize that you have a few missed calls. You go to your desk, pick up your IPHONE and realize that it is discharged again. This is annoying as you need to wait a few minutes until you IPHONE charges so that you can make a call.

This situation indicates that the present battery is unable to charge, and you need to replace it with a new battery to make your IPHONE again in good working condition. Frequent charging of the IPHONE indicates that the present battery of your IPHONE has gone old and the capacity to hold the charge has also decreased. The only solution to this problem is battery replacement. In this blog, you will come to know what you need to do if suddenly your IPHONE battery dies and how you came to know that the present IPHONE battery is old now and needs battery replacement so that the performance of your IPHONE is not affected.

What You Need to Do if Your IPHONE Battery Suddenly Dies?

If your IPHONE battery dies all of a sudden you need to pay attention to the warranty of the IPHONE. If it is under a one year warranty period, the first thing you need to do is to make a call to Apple customer care and tell them the purchase date of your IPHONE. As you have checked before one year is not complete the customer care executive will certainly ask you to visit the nearest Apple service center to get IPHONE battery replacement done free of cost. If the case is different as one year has passed since you purchased your IPHONE then it is certain that the customer care executive will refuse to help you in this regard, you need to find a reputable and well-known IPHONE repair center near your place. You need to visit that repair store and diagnose the real problem with your IPHONE battery.

Should You Get a New Battery?

Your phone battery is the life of your IPHONE. With time, your IPHONE battery loses capacity, wears down, or can even fail to charge. The present health of your IPHONE battery is crucial as a poorly performing battery negatively impacts the health of the IPHONE. Your device may slow down, overheat, or stop working altogether. When you talk about your device’s battery life you may ask yourself a few questions such as “How much time does a single charge IPHONE last?”.

Few Signs Which Show Your IPHONE Needs a New Battery.

a) Less Battery Life: – 

With aging your IPHONE battery naturally loses its capacity which is called chemical aging. Due to this reason, your device doesn’t last as it used to when it was new. A decrease in IPHONE battery life is one of the leading indicators that show your device needs a new battery. Apart from chemical aging other factors responsible for the decrease in IPHONE battery life are:

1. Software Updates.
2. Battery Consuming Apps
3. Regular Use of Cell Phone

b) Slow or Not Charging: –

Slow charging is caused by many factors like the presence of dirt in the charging port or a broken data cable. Diagnose the real cause of the slowdown of the charging by troubleshooting the charging port and the data cable. If you are sure that the charging port or the data cable is working fine, and the fault is within the battery of your device then consider inspecting the battery of your cell phone.

If the battery is the cause of the slowing or the minimal charging, it will negatively affect your ability to use your IPHONE. You may also notice that your device abruptly shuts off even if the battery percentage appears full. Like with other warning signals, ignoring this issue may lead to more damage to the battery and hence to the IPHONE.

c) Phone Overheating: –

If your device gets hot after using it continuously for a long time it is not a good sign as it may indicate that you need to replace the existing battery of your device immediately. You need to keep in mind that an IPHONE heats up when you make use of apps that consume a lot of battery power or when you make use of your device continuously for a long period. Along with the above issues if the battery is old and the charging capacity is diminished then it could also be the root cause of the overheating of the cell phone. If this is true, then it can lead to excessive heating of the cell phone and as a result a diminished lifespan for both the device and the battery.

d) Swelling in the Battery or Leakage: –

The battery swells when any part of the battery degrades, and the gas is released. This chemical change in the battery can cause it to expand, thus putting pressure on the other parts of the battery. As a result, it could cause your device battery to expand, which in turn could cause harm to the device and pose a severe safety threat to you as well.

If the battery of your IPHONE is swelling you should immediately stop using your device as it could impact your health and your device as well. If you contact a good experienced IPHONE repair specialist, he will replace the faulty battery within your device on time and prevent any severe damage to your device.

What Things Do You Need to Keep in Mind as You Go For IPHONE Battery Replacement?

Your IPHONE battery is one of the most important parts of your device. As a responsible IPHONE owner, you must know that the battery life starts decreasing if proper care is not taken. When your IPHONE battery starts deteriorating, it becomes really difficult to use it. In the absence of a strong battery, your IPHONE could become slow and inefficient. Because of these reasons, it has become so important to replace the draining IPHONE battery with a new Apple IPHONE battery.

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