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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Iphone’s Battery Life!

Are you suffering from your iPhone Battery not holding its charge? Do you leave the house with 100% charge, only to find a few hours later the battery bar now red and your iPhone is about to die? Frustrating right?! If that sounds like a problem you’re experiencing then City Phones have some helpful tips to help extend your iPhone’s battery life. There are many causes that attribute to the decline in your iPhone’s precious battery life. While minor problems will [...]

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Why Is My iPhone Not Charging?

As a smartphone repair business, a common question people ask us is, “Why is my iPhone not charging?” Many people encountering the problem of their iPhone not charging often assume that something has gone wrong internally within the iPhone (which is sometimes the case), but most of the time it may be due to one of the following problems: Faulty Adapter / Power Source Faulty Lightning Cable (USB Charging Cable) iPhone Software – Your iPhone may be in need of an upgrade Clogged [...]