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Top 4 Things You Should Never Do with Your IPHONE To Make Sure It Last Long

Top 4 Things You Should Never Do With Your IPHONE To Make Sure It Last Long

Top 4 Things You Should Never Do with Your IPHONE To Make Sure It Last Long

Although digital devices are not made to last forever your dream IPHONE could last for a few more years if proper care is taken. In case your IPHONE starts malfunctioning before its time, possibilities arise that you are not taking proper care and making mistakes that you are not aware of. You need to keep in mind that these small digital devices are an important investment, and you need to behave wisely with these devices so that you get more out of your investment. Time to Time maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your little digital device in good shape and functional and also cut the expense of IPHONE Repair in Melbourne. Below are a few things you need to avoid in all circumstances if you want your dream smartphone to last longer.

1. Avoiding Cleaning Your IPHONE Regularly:

As you constantly touch or hold your costly IPHONE in your hands, a lot of dust, germs, and bacteria accumulate on the surface of your IPHONE. In addition, on the charging port or the headphone port a lot of dust particles, and garbage from your pockets, bags, and backpacks get collected around it. To keep your tiny gadget from breaking down, you need to clean your IPHONE gently with a soft and clean cloth piece. It is also recommended that you clean the charging and headphone ports with a soft cotton swab or a toothpick very carefully to clean all areas around them so that any dust particles accumulated around these ports are removed gently. And, if your IPHONE charging port is not working you may need to repair your IPHONE sooner or later. For quick resolution of the charging port issues in your IPHONE taking it to an authorized IPHONE repair center is recommended. Here at these authorized IPHONE repair service centers an experienced technician will evaluate the issue and provide you with an estimate of the time and cost to repair your IPHONE charging port.

2. Ignoring Updates on Your IPHONE:

Let’s face it; no person likes those annoying notifications that flash on your IPHONE screen saying that a new software update is available for your device or for other specific installed apps. These types of notifications are helpful for your IPHONE as these updates help you keep your IPHONE working smoothly and securely. A new update fixes various software loopholes, bugs, and security patches, and many new features are included within it. So next time you update your phone software make sure to update the other installed applications too.

3. Getting Your IPHONE Repaired from an Unrecognized Store:

If you choose an unrecognized service center to get your IPHONE repaired, then you are simply putting your IPHONE at risk. It is highly recommended that you repair your costly IPHONE from a well-known and recognized IPHONE service center to avail quality-based repair services. In comparison to an unrecognized service center choosing an Apple Authorized IRP is beneficial in a number of ways. You get well trained, reliable and highly qualified technicians to repair your costly Apple IPHONE. Also they use the same software for diagnosis of the problem within your IPHONE as used by an Apple Store.

4. Overcharging Your IPHONE:

One of the biggest mistakes that leads to the shortening of the life of your IPHONE is the excessive charging of the IPHONE. You need to change the habit of leaving your IPHONE connected to the power even after it is fully charged. This practice leads to overheating of the IPHONE and thus weakening of the battery takes place. If your IPHONE heats while charging, it may be a sign of battery damage that needs to be repaired. In this situation, if you are confused as to what to do, you can visit an authorized IPHONE repair center for IPHONE repair in Melbourne and get a genuine IPHONE battery replacement.


We have highlighted above the top four things that you should never do with your IPHONE if you desire that your IPHONE last longer. Avoid making any of the above mistakes as it can enhance the lifespan of your IPHONE and help it run properly delivering at its maximum capacity. In case you feel a little bit nervous while dealing with technology you could seek the help of reliable IPHONE repair in Melbourne.

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