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Is It a Wrong Way to Charge the Mobile Phone When It Is Charging

Is It a Wrong Way to Use the Mobile Phone When It Is Charging?

Is It a Wrong Way to Charge the Mobile Phone When It Is Charging

You must have heard that using mobile phones while charging is a bad practice. People who care about you always warn you that using mobile phones could be harmful when they are charging. You may be one of those who keeps repeating every time you see someone using their mobile phone while it is charging. This is a myth, a rumor that everyone talks about but only a few people go deep to find the truth in it.

Should Mobile Phones Be Used While Charging? 

This is a big question everyone wants to know the answer to whether it is a bad habit to use mobile phones while charging. Many cases in the past have come to light which set the alarm over the convenience of not using the mobile phones while charging.  The truth is, although there have been incidents and even deaths of people while using their mobile phones while it is plugged in, there is no problem with using a mobile phone while charging. The fact is if we go within the root of this problem, the charger which was being used to charge the mobile phone was of poor quality. If we rephrase the above answer, it could be said that you can use your mobile phone while it is charging if you charge with an official charger or recommended by the mobile phone manufacturer. It is not right to say that any other charger is dangerous, but you are not sure that it has passed all the required and necessary safety regulations.

Recommendations for Using the Mobile Phone in Charging

Some mobile phone manufacturers like Apple have recommendations for using their devices while they are plugged in for charging. This American company recommends letting the phone charge for 10 minutes before using it again. These guidelines are applicable only when the battery of the phone is completely exhausted and the device shuts down, but if you charge your device before it has been used up then the above recommendations are not necessary.

Opening applications and using the mobile phone while it is charging doesn’t affect the performance and the speed of the mobile phone. Even if you don’t use it and let it charge completely, the performance and the speed remain the same. Present-day smartphones are doing many functions even if you don’t have it in your hands, they are connected to the Wi-Fi, they are updating information, and a lot of applications are running in the background so when needed they provide you with updated information. It is not that you can’t use your mobile phone when it is charging, it is recommended that you use a manufacturer-provided charger or a high-quality charger that has passed all the safety norms and guidelines.

How To Use Your Mobile Phone When It is Charging?

After knowing all the facts, you can use your mobile phone with confidence, but it is always recommended that you follow these safety guidelines so that you can charge your smartphone safely without suffering any damage to your device. Always charge your mobile phone with the official charger as recommended by the mobile phone manufacturer. Nothing happens to your smartphone if you charge your device with a different charger, but you should follow the above-told guidelines for safety measures. If you use a protective case, it is obvious that your smartphone will heat up as not all ventilation channels are open in a mobile case. To prevent it from happening again remove the protective case while charging your smartphone.

Know How to Charge Your Mobile Phone Faster?

You will get to know a few tips below to increase the charging speed of your mobile phone. As discussed before, even when you are not using your mobile phone, some apps are working in the background consuming battery power. Switching off your mobile phone when it is plugged in for charging prevents this from happening, enhancing charging speed by a few minutes.

Another lesser known but effective way to charge your mobile phone speedily is to activate the Airplane Mode. This way you can use your mobile phone for all those tasks which do not require the use of a network. But you will lose the internet connection and network coverage as you switch to airplane mode. Although these days you can charge your mobile phones from almost everywhere, the quickest way to charge your mobile phone is directly plugging it into the charging socket. Laptops and computers are relatively slower.

The more you use applications and processes in your smartphone, the more the battery consumption and the charging process will be a bit slower in comparison to when you close all the open applications first and then connect your phone to the charger. This way there are not many applications and processes that consume the battery and thus the charging process will be fast.

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