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before after iPhone 8 screen repair

IPHONE 8 Screen Replacement At City Phones

City Phones knows that sometimes it can be a hassle when you need to organise a phone screen repair. We know in particular that iPhone repairs can be both expensive and time consuming. It is rare to have over $200 lying around just to get an iPhone 8 screen replacement and that doesn’t even include the time it can take out of your day, and then there’s the dread of it potentially needing to be sent away for a week.

iphone 8 screen replacement cracked screen

If you’re looking at your screen and dreading the sound of this, don’t worry. City Phones understands that not everyone has that sort of time and money available for their iPhone repair. If you head to the Apple Store this is what you have to experience. However, not with City Phones. We keep our prices reasonable, and our processes quick.

Don’t believe it’s possible? Read on to hear about our recent Iphone 8 screen replacement, done in just 20 minutes and for almost half the cost of the Apple Store, but with the same quality and experience.

before after iPhone 8 screen replacement

City Phones has a team of skilled technicians conducting all our iPhone repairs in Melbourne, and they know the challenges behind repairing an iPhone screen. We were careful to pay extra caution to the front camera and home button, knowing these are sensitive and important parts of the phone.

iphone 8 screen replacement home button

We also are aware of the difficulties surrounding the heat involved. This can be one of the most challenging parts about repairing a screen. If you are using too much heat this can damage more than just the screen, going through to other parts of the phone. However, not enough heat means the screen won’t come off properly, and this also has potential to damage the phone if you are struggling to take the old, damaged screen off. We use a heat gun for this, but just having this is not enough, as you also need the skills to properly control it.

iphone 8 screen replacement heat gun

The tools we use at City Phones are the best of the best, and ensure your phone is in the best hands, just like this iPhone 8 was.

To start with removing the old, damaged screen, we use the heat gun as well as an iSesame opening tool to carefully pry away the screen. Then, the bit most people don’t realise can be so difficult, we delicately used a spudger to handle the cables that also hold the screen in place.

spudger tool iphone 8 screen replacement

The process also required a set of small but versatile screwdrivers, as iPhones are carefully held together by a series of small screws. In order to keep these organised and ensure we don’t lose any tiny parts, a magnetic pad is used. This pad makes sure everything is kept together and organised, so we can put our full focus on the phone repair.

iphone 8 screen replacement magnetic pad

To get your iPhone 8 screen replacement done quickly and easily by a team of experts, visit City Phones in Melbourne or book now on our website today.

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