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Preventive Measures You Could Take To Avoid Screen Damage To Your Smartphone


Mobile Screen Repair in Melbourne

A smartphone is just not a device to talk with friends, colleagues, relatives, and others but it is more than that. Smartphones possess many more things in it except the calling feature. Smartphones presently are used for a wide range of purposes like accessing banking apps, payment apps, listening to music, watching movies, doing office or business work, and entertainment. The number of useful features offered within a smartphone is increasing with the release of every new smartphone and so is the size of the smartphone screen. Due to the increasing screen size of smartphones, it is becoming harder to fit smartphones in our hands or in pockets, making it vulnerable to damage. Since it is difficult to adjust these large-screen size smartphones in our pockets, the chances increase that the smartphone may fall on the floor, thus damaging the screen as a result. Though premium quality mobile phone covers are also available in the market these days, making your smartphone completely safe. The smartphone screen may get damaged due to incorrect putting of the smartphone in our pockets.

Smartphones are quite expensive; hence it makes sense to take basic preventive measures to avoid scratching or breaking of the smartphone screen. Although screen protectors act as a shield for smartphone screens, in case a smartphone screen tends to break the screen of the smartphone, then the screen protector will break thus protecting the main smartphone screen from cracking or breaking. Also, these days smartphones include a tougher and stronger Gorilla Glass on the screen, making it harder to break it. Damaging your smartphone screen always means trusting the expertise of the mobile screen repair in Melbourne. The cost to replace the damaged screen of the smartphone is quite high, hence it is a good idea to take all those preventive measures that you could take so that you prevent your smartphone screen from getting damaged.

Common Preventive Measures You Could Take to Avoid Breaking of the Smartphone Screen.

The screen is the second most expensive part of a smartphone after the motherboard. The risk of getting the smartphone screen damaged is higher due to the larger screen size these days. There are several preventive measures you could take to avoid facing such a situation.

1. Use Tempered Glass: It is a good idea to use tempered glass to prevent smartphone screens from getting damaged after falling. Very thin tempered glasses are also available in the market allowing your smartphone display screen to remain super responsive. Screen Protector or Tempered Glass serves as a protective layer, cushioning the effect of sudden drops or scratches. It is advised that you use tempered glass, or a screen protector of superior quality as tempered glass provides the best defense against scratches or fall impacts. For a flawless fit, you need to make sure that you use a screen protector or tempered glass made for the same model of smartphone that you possess.

2. Purchase a Good Smartphone Case: A smartphone case is your first line of defense against screen damage. You should purchase a good quality smartphone case that provides raised edge and corner protection. Before purchasing a smartphone case you should search for cases that will protect your smartphone from drops and collisions made by using shock-absorbing materials like rubber or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). You should choose a smartphone case with raised borders surrounding the screen which prevents the smartphone from touching the smartphone screen when it drops on the floor.

3. Avoid Placing Your Phone Near Keys and Coins: While placing your smartphone in your pocket you should keep in mind that you never put your smartphone in a pocket that already has sharp objects like keys, coins, and other objects with sharp edges. When these objects come in contact with your smartphone screen, these objects can easily scratch or break it. If you want to prevent your smartphone screen from getting damaged you need to make it a habit to always keep your precious smartphone in a separate pocket in which keys, coins, or other small objects are kept. You can also use a special pouch for your smartphone to keep the screen of your smartphone safe.

4. Keep It Clean and Dry: You need to keep your smartphone clean as this could help you keep it protected. Make it a habit to keep wiping your smartphone with a clean and dry piece of cloth so that any dirt or dust accumulated on your smartphone screen gets cleaned gently with the wiping of the dry cloth surface. Avoid using hard chemicals as the use of them could damage the screen. Keeping your smartphone dry is a very good idea. Today’s smartphones may be able to continue functioning with the occasional water splash, but you need to avoid and prevent your smartphone from getting wet as this is also bad for your smartphone.

5. Safe Handling: You should be extra cautious while handling your smartphone as you should choose a plane or even surface to place your smartphone at home or while you are away. Keep it away from rough surfaces like concrete and if you’re carrying your smartphone in your pocket, keep it in your front pocket. You should never put your smartphone in your rear pocket as you may forget that you have put your smartphone in your rear pocket and sit down thus harming your smartphone screen. Additionally, while holding your smartphone, you should never try to toss it or throw it on the bed or sofa, and don’t put it near something that may damage it.

With the increase in demand for smartphones including Australia, they are more vulnerable to getting damaged than ever before. You will find several professionals who are offering high-quality mobile phone repair in Melbourne; however, you need to pay attention to the experience and last record of these professionals while you finalize one to replace the damaged screen of your smartphone. Keep in mind that screen replacement of the smartphone is the second most expensive thing within a smartphone after motherboard repair. If you keep the above-discussed preventative measures in your mind, you will avoid getting your smartphone screen cracked or damaged.

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