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IPHONE Battery Replacement

5 Signals Which Indicate Your IPHONE Needs Battery Replacement

IPHONE Battery Replacement

Do you know when your IPHONE battery needs replacement? And when the situation arises that the battery of your IPHONE needs replacement, your IPHONE starts indicating you by giving indications in the form of signals. Here we come out with some tips to help you examine when to get an IPHONE battery replacement with a new one. We have pointed out some of the signs that you will start noticing in your IPHONE when your phone starts indicating that its battery has started to deteriorate.

Let’s check the list of these 5 signals:

1) Short Battery Life:

This is a pretty simple and straightforward way to know that the battery of your IPHONE needs replacement. When you start observing that your IPHONE battery is draining in a shorter time duration as compared to when the phone was new, when it used to hold the charge for a full day in normal usage. In other words, when you observe short battery life you need to understand that your IPHONE battery needs replacement with a new one.

2) Overheating of IPHONE:

Whenever you plugin your IPHONE to charge, your IPHONE generates heat during charging or when you heavily use your IPHONE it gets heated up. This is a normal behavior of your IPHONE but when it starts overheating on normal usage it is an indication that your IPHONE battery is in bad condition and it has lost its potential to hold the charge, warning you that it is no longer as good as it used to be.

As the battery becomes old the internal resistance within the battery grows, as a result, it will draw more amount of current to pass through the increased amount of resistance and that’s why heat is generated and substantial battery power is reduced drastically.

3) Your IPHONE Starts Lagging

This could be CPU throttling for IPHONE 12 or higher. In case you are working on iOS 11 or above you can check your IPHONE battery health status by going into the settings of your IPHONE. After checking the battery health if you see that it is gradually diminishing in strength this is an indication that you might need to arrange for an IPHONE battery replacement.

4) Shutting down of IPHONE by itself

Have you ever faced a situation in which your IPHONE is shutting down itself when the battery left in the phone is 20 or 30%? Though sometimes it could mean the phone’s calibration is off, most of the time it is an indication that your phone’s battery is not in good condition anymore and it needs immediate battery replacement service.

5) Swollen Battery

This is a tricky situation, especially with the IPHONE as the battery is placed internally. Due to physical damage caused within the IPHONE, the battery may get bloated or swelled out. Many IPHONE users have usually noticed that there is some unexplained bloating on the sides of the IPHONE, in more serious cases you might even see the separation of the IPHONE case and cracks. The swollen battery of your IPHONE needs immediate replacement as soon as it is possible for you as more damage could occur with your IPHONE in the form of an explosion and more unwanted issues may occur within your phone.

If you are experiencing any of these issues you probably need to replace the old battery of your IPHONE with a new one. Whether it is an IPHONE 13 battery replacement or IPHONE 12 battery replacement, you can get it replaced in just 30 minutes to an hour at your nearest IPHONE repair store or at a local mobile repair store. Hope this post will help you in knowing when your IPHONE battery needs replacement.

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