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iPad battery repair in melbourne

IPAD Battery Repair in Melbourne

IPAD Battery Repair in Melbourne

IPAD battery replacement in Melbourne. We stock most of the IPAD models batteries and We can do IPAD battery repair within 1-2 hours. This repair job is more complicated than normal phone battery replacement so it should be done by the only professional repairer.

Moreover, for IPAD battery replacement, we need to remove screen first which is the tricky and risky part. If the screen breaks while opening it increases the cost of repair. But at City Phones, our technicians are trained enough to handle such jobs and we can do this repair without replacing the new screen.

iPad battery repair in melbourneToday we received IPAD Air 2 for battery repair. IPAD was nearly 3 years old and battery last for only 3-4 hours after a full charge. It took us 90 minutes to complete this repair which includes removing the screen, taking out old battery, installing new battery then install back screen.



How to repair your IPAD with Cityphones?

  • You can come to the store.
  • Post us your IPAD.
  • Pickup and drop off.

Call us today or email us for more details.

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IPAD Repair

Some of the most common iPad repairs are following.

  • iPad repair in Melbourne
  • iPad Air 2 battery replacement
  • iPad battery replacement
  • iPad Air battery repair
  • iPad pro battery replacement
  • iPad screen repair
  • iPad Air 2 screen repair
  • iPad Air 3 screen repair
  • iPad 5th generation battery replacement
  • iPad 5 battery replacement
  • iPad 6 battery replacement

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