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iphone camera lens protection

IPHONE Camera Lens Protection Tips | City Phones

Each new iPhone that’s released is without a doubt, a high-tech work-of-art with product features superior to that of its predecessors. Of these features, the iPhone’s camera has resolutions that make it a fairly good competitor to professional full-frame cameras. However, with the launch of newer models (we’re looking at you iPhone models 6 onwards), a noticeable change is the protrusion of the rear camera lens.

It is reported that in order to compensate for the sleek body of the iPhone, the lens protrudes on account of the advanced optics and depth required to make the iPhone camera a marvel. However, this seemingly advanced feature has a trade-off, which results in the rear lens being more prone to scratches every time it’s placed on a surface. However, Apple has taken note of this and now has our back. That’s right, the launch of the iPhone 7 series saw the inclusion of sapphire on the exterior camera lens, which according to official Apple reports provides resistance and hardness that are characteristic of sapphire, therefore providing iPhone camera lens protection.


Iphone Camera Lens Protection

In spite of these precautions, however, it is still not uncommon to hear of user woes regarding a cracked iPhone camera lens. While there are still solutions to this, so there’s no need to lose sleep over the matter, a few precautionary measures could potentially save you the heartache.

  1. The simplest thing to do is to first be cautious of how you use your iPhone. Try to refrain keeping the rear of your iPhone on a hard surface. While simply laying it on a table-top is not enough to cause lasting damage, friction can occur while moving or sliding the phone.
  2. It would do you well to keep the rear camera facing up at all times to ensure that minimal damage occurs on your iPhone’s camera lens.
  3. If you store your iPhone in your bag, then it’s best that you keep your iPhone far away from pesky items like keys, coins and other knick-knacks that could be responsible for causing those tiny scratches on your iPhone’s camera lens. To avoid pitfalls resulting from this, keep your iPhone placed safely in a separate compartment.
  4. However, if you’re a self-proclaimed klutz, then it’s probably worth it to invest in a quality phone-cover. With a plethora of iPhone covers available in the market, there’s no dearth of choice for you.
  5. Camera-protection rings are a relatively new entrant to the market which have been especially developed to provide the additional cushioning and care you want for your iPhone. Available in a wide range of colours to suit your fancy, the protective ring could even make the need for a phone case entirely redundant.

A little care goes a long way while taking care of your iPhone, which we reckon is pretty important to you. However mistakes happen no matter how careful you are. In the event that your iPhone camera lens has cracked (god-forbid!) and these iPhone camera lens protection tips don’t do the trick,  the helpful crew at City Phones are here to save the day! Give them a call on 0426 504 955 or drop in at the shop and let the experts advise you!


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