iPhone 11 Pro back glass repair

iPhone 11 pro back glass repair in melbourne

iPhone 11 Pro back glass repair

iPhone 11 Pro back glass repair

iPhone back glass repair is very common now. All new iPhones come with a glass back to support wireless charging. iPhone 11 pro backglass is stronger than old models but still, it gets damage with the drop. Don’t leave your phone with smashed back. It will increase the risk of damage to the internal parts of the phone and even moisture or water can go inside easily. Some people just cover broken back with cases but it is always a good idea to get it fixed.

iPhone 11 back glass repair

At Cityphones we can fix all iPhone back glass from iPhone 8 to 11 pro max.

We received 11 pro for back glass repair. Phone back was totally damaged and it took around 1 hour for this repair.

For iPhone back glass repair we use a laser machine which is very accurate and safe for repair.

We have all iPhone backglass in stock and available in all colours.

Call us today for more information or check this link to book repair.

iPhone 11 Pro Repairs

You can see the result after repair. The phone looks brand new after repair.

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We offer a discount if the front and back both are broken.  Call us today or email us @ cityphonesinfo@gmail.com for more information.

We also have a lot of cases to protect your phone. Visit our online store to find a case that suits your phone.

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