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Smartphone repair store

Your Mobile Phone Life Is Five Years – Know How to Keep It Going!

Smartphone repair store

Generally speaking the lifespan of a smartphone is two years, many people replace their smartphone every two years. However, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to keep your environment clean and healthy you should keep your smartphone working for its complete lifespan. In 2015 a study done on the lifespan of a smartphone says that an average smartphone lasts for almost five years (exactly 4.7 years). But in reality, the battery of the smartphone slows down in charging, the screen of the smartphone cracks down, and the accessories disappear. So, if you are determined to keep using your smartphone working for four years and beyond you should read this.

Keep It Clean

As long as our smartphones have buttons and internal hardware, they are in danger of getting damaged, especially when they are in our pockets and purses and not to mention in our hands. For the surface, you can use a clean cloth or cotton to clean the dust accumulated on its outer surface. If necessary, a very small amount of isopropyl alcohol can also help solve your purpose but keep in mind that you should keep it away from the various ports of your smartphone as this may hamper their inner working. If you want to be sure that all parts of your smartphone are dust free, please carry your smartphone to one of our stores, as we can easily open your smartphone and make sure that everything within your smartphone is clean and dry inside.

Pamper Your Smartphone Battery

Another challenge in front of you in the way of keeping your smartphone working for four years and above is the issue of battery life. All smartphone batteries are designed with a lifespan of a certain number of charges somewhere between 300 to 500. It means that if you continue to charge your smartphone battery completely to 100%, you could dramatically decrease your smartphone battery’s overall lifespan. Even if you make your smartphone battery dead, we can easily replace it with a new one and make your smartphone charge again as if your smartphone is new again. We will not take more than 30 minutes to an hour to replace the faulty battery within your smartphone.

Think About Smartphone Accessories

Things you should focus on to keep your smartphone working for a long time is to keep track of charging cables, headphones, and even smartphone cases and covers. One thing to keep in mind is that the older your smartphone, the harder it becomes to replace these things. In case you misplace the charging cable of your three-year-old smartphone, it might become difficult to replace it if the newer model of your smartphone has a different charging port. Then it’s time to say goodbye to your smartphone. However, a reputed smartphone repair store has access to more hardware than even the internet does, so if you need a replacement accessory to your smartphone you can call us to know the availability with us.

Take Care of Your Smartphone Screen

The most delicate part of your smartphone is the touchscreen. A smartphone cracked screen can be easily replaced by a qualified smartphone repair store. When your smartphone screen gets cracked you need to first check whether your smartphone is under warranty period or not. Check with the seller if your smartphone screen can be replaced under warranty. Chances are that if your smartphone screen came with a manufacturing defect that caused the screen to crack, they will replace it free of cost. If your smartphone screen is cracked due to any physical damage caused by you accidentally, you can always approach a qualified smartphone repair store to get the cracked screen replaced perfectly. It is recommended to use a smartphone case to protect your smartphone from screen cracks when your smartphone appears slippery in your hands. It is also recommended to take your smartphone’s broken screen to a professional smartphone repair store like ours, as we may be able to help you replace the cracked screen, in place of the whole smartphone.

In short, while it’s not easy to preserve your smartphone life for four-plus years, it’s also not impossible for you. And yes, who doesn’t like his smartphone to last longer? The only thing is that you need to keep the above-mentioned points in mind if you want to keep using your smartphone for four and more years.

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