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IPHONE Repair in Melbourne

Basic IPHONE Repair Tricks which Every IPHONE Owner Should Know

IPHONE Repair in Melbourne

Every IPHONE owner should know the simple and easy tricks within your IPHONE to take control in your hands thus making your life simpler. Take full advantage of your IPHONE by knowing some of the important tips and tricks thus utilizing your basic IPHONE repair knowledge truly in unforeseen circumstances. Undoubtedly mobile phones have emerged as an integral part of our lives, from our own life to know about the climate and for our business purposes. We are subject to our mobile phone to have the option to contact our friends and family members at any time of the day, can easily email office files to your distant teammates in case you are stuck in a distant zone or you can even lead the business when you are far from your workplace. For the same reason, it is important that we completely understand the mobile phone on which we rely so much and should learn the basic steps which enable us to use our mobile phones in difficult situations.

Learning these basic tips and tricks is vital for you as nobody could predict it when your mobile phone stops working and you see yourself in a big problem where taking help from an experienced IPHONE repair technician becomes a must for you. If you know basic IPHONE repair steps, your dependency on expert assistance will decrease and your knowledge will come to use truly. Everybody knows that Apple is the top brand on this planet that manufactures universally accepted mobile phones which are equipped with all the latest features and technology which no other brand of mobile phone could have in their smartphones. Apple keeps an edge over other mobile phone manufacturers and has built trust among its long-term customers. This is a universally accepted fact that in present times proficiency in using mobile phones is more important than ever before so as a whole we could gain proficiency in knowing basic IPHONE repair tips so that you can continue using your IPHONE.

With the expanding significance of mobile phones, in our daily life, we can’t stay away from the occurrence of various faults and breakages within our IPHONE as this could occur to any of us. In some, unfortunate circumstances like you have dropped your IPHONE from your hands while clicking a photo or dropped it in a pool or bathtub and it may get wet. Regardless of what may happen, very few of us know what to do in these difficult situations. In this article, we will help you with knowing simple, fundamental, and truly helpful tips that will prove useful in IPHONE repair in Melbourne. Learning these tricks will help you at a different and unforeseen time when the need may emerge itself.

Battery Life:

At the point of time when you have used your IPHONE for a long interval of time, probably your IPHONE may not be able to encounter small issues to a great extent. The biggest problem that an IPHONE owner deals with is the decrease in the performance of the IPHONE battery life. With the use of an IPHONE for a long duration of time, the standard ability of an IPHONE battery falls and creates a hindrance in the working of your IPHONE device thus downgrading its performance. Luckily IPHONE users have a very simple and basic answer to this vital issue. You should simply supplant your present IPHONE battery with another one the following time you end up being on the lookout or in a shopping center. This will return you to the Apple brand performance which you think your Apple IPHONE battery should have shown.

Clean the Speakers:

With regular IPHONE usage, the headphone jack comes in contact with the moisture of the environment. The situation could become more complicated when you start using mobile phone speakers in place of the headphones. In case you want to come out of this situation in a fairly simple way, you have to simply clean your IPHONE speakers and check the outcome in the form of voice quality and pitch after some time.

Get Your Wet IPHONE in Working Condition:

Did you accidentally drop your IPHONE into the washbasin, pool, or bathtub? Try not to get stressed, we as a whole have been there eventually. Getting your IPHONE wet is more normal than you can think. To bring your IPHONE again in the normal working condition you need to immediately disconnect all the cables and follow one of the following steps to turn off your IPHONE immediately:

  • Using Face ID: Simultaneously you need to press and hold the side buttons and either volume button till the sliders appear, then drag the top slider.

  • Using Home Button: To turn off your IPHONE you need to press and hold the side button or Sleep/Wake button till the slider appears and then as soon as it appears you need to drag the slider to turn off your mobile.

  • Using Settings of Your IPHONE: To turn off your IPHONE you need to Go to the Settings of your IPHONE then go to the General section and select the Shut Down option, then drag the slider.

Then you need to wipe your IPHONE with a soft, lint-free cloth and need to ensure before opening the SIM tray that your IPHONE is completely dry. Keep in mind that you don’t charge your IPHONE until it’s completely dry. Avoid using accessories or charging when your IPHONE is wet as it may further damage your IPHONE. Give sufficient time of at least 5 hours before you charge your IPHONE or connect it to any lightning accessory.


This is another issue that IPHONE users have to face. Because of some product and equipment issues, your IPHONE can get overheating issues which you may feel abnormal when you touch your IPHONE with your hands or keep in your pocket. Notwithstanding, the solution to overcome this issue is to quit utilizing your IPHONE for a while and keep it still and give some time to your IPHONE. For fast outcomes, you can likewise remove the mobile phone instance of your IPHONE. This is the impermanent answer for this issue that you can utilize in case you are in a distant place, yet for a lasting arrangement, you should take your IPHONE to a specialist IPHONE repair professional to know the exact reason for overheating of your IPHONE. These IPHONE repair professionals will not only diagnose the actual problem of overheating within your IPHONE but also provide you with possible resolution to the problem in a minimum possible time of 30 minutes to an hour.

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