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Water damaged iPhone

Can Water Damaged IPHONE be Repaired?

Have you recently dropped your iPhone in the pool, bath or ocean? Don’t panic! Here at City Phones, we can try to help you out with that. Whilst many people accidently drop their phones in places with water, the new iPhone is water resistant, however they are NOT waterproof. If your water damaged iPhone was fully submerged for a length of time, there may not be a guaranteed fix.

However, if you believe your phone could still have a chance of survival, here are a couple of steps you should do before coming in to see us. Follow these steps so that you’re able to get the most out of the repair:

  • Do not turn your iPhone on. This is the most important step to ensure your phone won’t be further damaged from the water.
  • Remove the SIM card. After ensuring your phone is off, take out your SIM card to prevent further water damage.
  • Do not continue using your phone. I know it can be tempting to try and see if your phone is working still, but for the long-run, it’s much better to keep it turned off until it’s fully dry.
  • Wipe down the exterior of your phone using a cotton cloth or tissue paper. If your phone has a case on it, be sure to remove it (be gentle).
  • Place your iPhone in a dry place. This could be in uncooked rice, which would help absorb the excess water or by even using silica gel packets that absorbs moisture in a superior way.

Water damaged iPhone

Although these tips may come in handy if you were to ever drop your phone in water, nothing beats professional help. By coming into City Phones, we will have the right equipment and tools to hopefully get your phone back to shape again (however, this depends on how long your phone was in the water for and how much damage it has caused). If your iPhone has turned back on, but is experiencing strange glitches, we are more than happy to take a look at it to see whether or not it can be resolved.

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If you would like to enquire about your water damaged iPhone, please contact us here. To further prevent this from happening again, we now stock waterproof and drop-proof cases where you can read about here.

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