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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Iphone’s Battery Life!

Are you suffering from your iPhone Battery not holding its charge? Do you leave the house with 100% charge, only to find a few hours later the battery bar now red and your iPhone is about to die? Frustrating right?! If that sounds like a problem, you’re experiencing then City Phones have some helpful tips to help extend your iPhone’s battery life.

There are many causes that attribute to the decline in your iPhone’s precious battery life.

While minor problems will play a role in the slow deterioration of your iPhone’s battery life, there are 3 main culprits that will send your iPhone’s battery from 100% to 0%, in no time flat.


  1. Not allowing your iPhone to charge enough

Are you one of those people that let your iPhone get to 1% battery, to then chuck it on charge for a solid 15 minutes before taking it off, now happy with the newly displayed 15%? You’re one of the few that should kiss goodbye to any prospects of having any extended battery life. Not only is this just frustrating cycle to work with but also as far as your iPhone’s battery life goes, it’s a big no. Over time your iPhone will memorize and learn that it doesn’t operate on full charge and won’t ever properly fully charge.


Battery Life



2.  Don’t over charge your iPhone

Leaving your iPhone plugged in a charging all the time can be detrimental to the battery’s lifetime span. Constantly keeping your iPhone on charge or charging it as soon as it gets to 80% will lead it to memorize a particular charging capability and recognize that most of the battery cells aren’t in use. This will eventuate with your iPhone learning to function without the full use of all battery cells and failing to hold a complete charge.


3.  Apps running in the background

It’s a fair assumption to make that the biggest battery drainer by far is the Apps that you are constantly using. Do you check all your social media accounts or email numerous times a day? Do you regularly use external chat applications to connect with friends or use music streaming apps? There’s a high chance that you are burning through your battery, as even though many of these apps may lie dormant in the background, they are constantly checking information, sending you updates or notifications and downloading data.

It’s common knowledge that by closing multiple Apps you aren’t currently using, will not only increase the life of your iPhone’s battery but also conserve power. This mentality is wrong, as Apple’s iOS VP of software engineering, Craig Federighi explains thatclosing multiple Apps negates the time and battery spent in order to do so. The iPhone is programmed to manage the multitasking of Apps, often leaving them frozen in the background using no battery life. This with the exception of those Apps designed to run in the background, such as email and maps.


Battery Life


Instead of exiting out of Apps not currently in use, try a combination of turning off location sharing and notifications, switching on low power mode, or altering your screens brightness level.

If you follow these helpful tips your iPhone battery should outlast its standard shelf life. If you’re too late and your iPhone battery is on its way-out City Phones are here to assist you with a replacement. Here at City Phones not only do we replace dead batteries, but we perform a range of other services like iPhone repair,  Samsung mobile phone repairs & Other mobile phone brand repairs & iPad repairs , enquire now or call us on 0426 504 955.

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