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IPHONE 12 cases

Getting iPhone 12? Reasons to still put a case on your iPhone 12.

Apple’s sparkling iPhone 12 is out in the market and people all over the world are rushing to get their hands on one as soon as they can. The new iPhone 12 like the wide range of other iPhones is making a splash after being announced. The first thing you should do after unboxing your new iPhone is to put an iPhone 12 case over it.

 The argument about putting a case over an iPhone is never-ending. iPhone 12 being the newer model and having a new design made it tempting for the phone owners to show off their new shiny iPhone. Apple announced that the ceramic shield will protect the phone 4 times more than the previously used glasses on the phones. However, it is true that even after having ceramic shield protection it can be a little fragile.

 When someone gets a new iPhone, they want to keep it for at least the time of two years or more. Well, using an iPhone without a case is putting it at risk of damage from drops.

Moreover, the ceramic shield protection is just at the front of the screen. It does not provide drop resistance for every side. The ceramic shield as claimed by Apple is 4-times more drop safe, yet Apple isn’t claiming that it’s indestructible. It is simply harder than the previous glass type.

It implies that there will be some drop situations where the obstruction of Ceramic Shield glass is a lot lower. Not forgetting the sides of the phone are not drop resistant. There are some other things that point towards the use of the iPhone 12 case. 4 times drop-resistant doesn’t cover the situation when your iPhone is next to something heavy in your bag or the scenario where it can get hit by some sharp object. Scratches on the screen is another reason to consider. Most of us put our phones down in our pockets, which explains the reason behind the scratchy front screen.

Hence, it summarizes the need of protecting your precious phone from the drops and the damages from unforeseen circumstances. After getting your phone, the sensible thing to do is to put it in a case and protector. There are already many impressive options in the market. At Cityphones, we have a variety of iPhone 12 cases and screen protectors. The use of a screen protector and a quality case is the solution to save your device. 

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