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The Latest on IPHONE news for 2018 – What’s expected?

While Apple has not officially released any information regarding where the company is taking its range of phones for the year 2018, there has been rumours based on data collected, which could identify where the company may be heading in the near future of 2018. 

The rumours – What has emerged?

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it is believed that apple will be planning to release three new iPhones to the market in 2018. The rumours are one of these models will come with a 5.8 inch screen to match the iPhone X, however it will be short-lived because the rumours for the remaining two phones outweigh the 5.8 inch display. A 6.1 inch display and the largest of the bunch; a 6.5 inch screen may be entering into the consumer market for 2018.

iPhone Repair Melbourne

Considering the iPhone current iPhone 8 and iPhone X are still relatively new, it’s a safe bet to assume that these new improved phones will not be coming out too quickly, however it is also assumed that the release will be seen towards the middle to end of year – September – as in line with Apples major phone update pattern.

Ming-Chi Kuo also estimates details regarding the pricing. It is estimated that the new range of iPhones will be less expensive than the iPhone X, however more expensive than the iPhone 8.

Which is financially helpful news for consumers. The iPhones performance however. The internals and camera may not match the highest level of prestige in comparison to the current iPhone 8 and iPhone X models, the new models of iPhone will still see minor performance and running upgrades to streamline its usability with consumers.

So what will they be called?

At this stage in time, it is unclear what the new range of iPhones may be called. It is also unknown if they will become part of the “X” product line, or if the “X” was a one off trademark Apple used to mark the 10 year anniversary of its smartphone line.

Time will tell what the new name for this range of the iPhones will be named. Updates should become clearer in the very near future of 2018. But what features from the new product range will impact your iPhone Repair Melbourne?

Features, Features, Features?

It is not new news that the land of augmented reality and augmented reality games (such as pokemon go) are being developed. This new trend of technology will see a rise in the later phones to be released, with a more focused technology development supporting augmented reality over the next coming years.

IPHONE Repair Melbourne CBD

According to the report for KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is planning to ditch the old school design of their products (such as the look of the iPhone 8) and instead will begin a radical change of creating future phones based on the concept of the iPhone X’s design (Woo to more screen space, but noo to more iPhone repair Melbourne). It is also claimed that the smaller iPhone X will be ditched, and instead replaced by a much larger iPhone X Plus. The new iPhones will see a new trend of utilising all of the front facing screen space, for display (as seen with the iPhone X).

The good news is; that touch ID may be making a comeback with the new line of iPhones while also retaining the Apple Face ID. This could see many customers leaping towards an update of their iPhones to one with the design elements of the iPhone X(The newer coming models). This sensor will be baked into the smartphone display. However Kuo is claiming that if users really enjoy the face ID element of the new phones, then the touch ID plans may be ditched.

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The year to date has sprung some interesting information regarding the potential new line of iPhone, and our team here at CityPhones, wants to bring that information to you!

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